Woman arrested for killing husband with lamp cord

BAYONNE, N.J. (WPIX/AP) — A woman convicted of strangling her husband with a chain link lamp cord has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Source: truecrimedaily.com

David and Michelle Hurley were going through a divorce but continued to live in the same home. He died in a hospital a few weeks later.

Defense lawyers argued that David Hurley was very drunk when they argued and his wife claimed she acted in self-defense during a September 2015 argument in their Bayonne home.

She was convicted of aggravated assault and weapons offenses during her first trial, but the jury deadlocked on a homicide charge. She was then convicted of reckless manslaughter at her second trial last March.

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Sophie Turner debuted a new Game of Thrones tattoo last year, and when it was first shown, fans of the HBO show immediately believed she spoiled the ending. While she insisted at the time that she didn’t actually spoil anything when she sat down for an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, now that the series finale has aired, fans are reconsidering the meaning of that tattoo.source : complex.com

*Season 8 Episode 6 spoilers below*

Turner’s tattoo features a direwolf, which is the Stark house sigil, alongside the quote “the pack survives.” She said at the time it wasn’t a spoiler for season 8, explaining, “When I was getting it done people advised me not to because it looked like I was giving everything away. But I wasn’t! It’s just a quote from last season, but everyone figures that the pack really does survive, but it’s just a moral that I like to live by.”

Despite her claims, what’s left of the Stark family survived all the chaos of of the final season. Bran Stark became king, Arya Stark made like the British Empire and decided to go do some colonizing, Jon Snow was banished to the Night’s Watch, while Sansa Stark decided to pull the North out of the Seven Kingdoms so she could become Queen of the North. In other words, the entire pack survived.

Perhaps it wasn’t intended to be a spoiler, but it’s hard not to draw parallels with the quote and how the finale played out.


The Federal Government has assured that the Presidential Inauguration Day and National Democracy Day will be safe for foreign dignitaries and world leaders coming into the country.

source : Nigeria news update , channels TV

The Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, made this known at a world press conference in Abuja, where he reeled out the program of events for days leading to both programs

“I can assure you Nigeria is safe for all the world leaders to come and attend.

“Swear-in of the President and Vice President is slated for Wednesday, May 29 at the Eagles Square, followed by a state banquet at the state house in the evening of the same day.”

He further explained that the Democracy Day celebration, which will kick-off on June 7, will feature three main events, and end with a parade and Gala night on June 12.

“The events celebrating the June 12 and Democracy Day will kick-off on Friday, June 7 and Tuesday, June 11 will feature three events; the PMB oratorical contest at ICC, an Anti-corruption summit at Transcorp Hilton and the First Lady’s commissioning programme in Yola, Adamawa State.”

Unemployed man rapes girl and runaway with her pant

An Ikeja Magistrates’ Court on Friday remanded a 27-year-old unemployed man, Saliu Alowonle, in Kirikiri Prisons for allegedly robbing and raping a teenage girl at gunpoint.

source : NAN

The magistrate, Mrs Emeka Opara, ordered that Alowonle should be kept behind bars, pending the receipt of legal advice from the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecutions (DPPs).

Opara adjourned the case until June 24 for mention as she refused to take the plea of the defendant.

Alowonle, who resides at No. 1, Olowolayemo St., Odogunyan in Ikorodu, Lagos State, is facing charges of armed robbery, conspiracy and rape.

Earlier, the prosecutor, Sgt. Innocent Odugbo told the court that the defendant and two others currently at large committed the offences on April 7 at Odogunyan area of Ikorodu.

Odugbo said that the complaint, a teenage girl and her younger brother, were outside their compound at night, when the defendant and his gangs appeared and pointed a gun at them.

“The defendant and his accomplice led the complainant and her brother to a nearby bush; raped the girl at a gunpoint, collected her pant and her mobile phone valued at N23,000 and escaped.

“With the help of the vigilance group, the defendant was arrested while others are still at large,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the offences contravene Sections 260, 296 and 297 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State.

Dog saves new born baby from death. See details

An attentive dog in northeastern Thailand is being hailed as a hero after finding and saving an infant allegedly buried in a field by his teenage mother, police said Saturday.

The newborn was lying under a layer of dirt near a farm in the Chumpuang district of Nakhon Ratchasima province but was found the same day — May 15 — by a curious canine named Ping Pong.

source : Nigerian news update.

The dog dug around the area and began barking, alerting his owner a cattle herder, who went to the site.

“I don’t think it was long after his mother buried him before the dog found him,” case officer Panuvat Udkam told AFP.

He added that the boy was healthy, was recovering in hospital, and was so young he had not been named yet.

The teenage mother was charged with attempted murder and abandonment of children.

Officer Panuvat said the suspect was 15 years old and had tried to dispose of the child because she was afraid her parents would get angry.

“So after she delivered the baby by herself she buried it,” he said.

Local media coverage hailed the achievement and social media users praised Ping Pong’s good deed.

A dog is the “best friend” of human beings, a Facebook user commented on the page of media outlet Khaosod English.

Young teenager kills friend over #200

The Ogun state police command has arrested a 19-year-old apprentice welder in the Agbado area of the state, Kehinde Adeoye for the murder of his friend, Lukman Olawunmi(left), aged 17.

Reports have it that Kehinde and Lukman who were friends for many years and both learning how to make cans at different shops, had issues following an umbrella repair shop from Lukman to his friend Kehinde who knew how to fix Umbrellas.

A man had come to Lukman’s shop to fix his umbrella and the latter had taken it to Kehinde to fix and was billed N200 which Lukman paid with a promise from Kehinde to come pick up the umbrella the next day.

Lukman went to his friend’s shop the next day to pick up the Umbrella as promised but was surprised when he got there and found out that Kehinde had not fixed it.

An argument broke out between them which in no time degenerated into a fight. Kehinde then allegedly slapped Lukman with a ‘mysterious ring’, causing Lukman to slump. He was taken to the hospital immediately where he was certified dead on arrival.

The matter was immediately reported at the Agbado Police Statio. Kehinde was picked up by the police but denied slapping his friend with a ring saying he only retaliated after Lukman slapped him.

The case will be charged to court immediately investigations is concluded.

Suicide is Poetic: By Chiedozie Ude

“I was sad, but no one noticed. All they saw was my forced smile. My accursed dimples were a suitable facade to hide my depression. One forced smile was enough for all to think that all was well with me. But all was never well, I am a wraith who is awaiting final obliteration. I crave the blissful kiss of death, perhaps, I shall find peace in the great beyond.”

The rate at which the young people in Nigeria commit suicide is really alarming. It is quite difficult for one to browse the internet without seeing new cases of suicide. At this point, one may be tempted to blame the tools which these individuals have improvised for this act as the cause of the mass suicide currently trending among the youth, or perhaps, the fact that the ubiquitous nature of suicidal news on all the social and mass media platforms have given certain persons the encouragement they need to kill themselves. But the blame game does nothing.

Recently, I have seen a lot of online campaign that advocate the banning of the insecticide called “SNIPER”. But this is just a perfect — or near perfect example of “Chasing rats when one’s house is on fire.” Placing a ban on sniper will likely trigger another round of suicides because a lot of employees will be without a job, hence, giving them the time to contemplate evil thoughts. If Sniper should be banned by the government, then it is high time they did the same to not only the lagoon, but also, to knives, guns, ropes and every form of harmful chemicals which have served as suicidal weapons. Before the existence of sniper, a lot of people have been committing suicide. At this period of time, people should focus less on the instruments of suicide. Rather, questions like “Why is life becoming so unappealing to people?” “What is the matter?” should be asked.

Answering the any of the questions listed above is as enigmatic as other philosophical questions. There are so many reasons why one may commit suicide, but the most glaring has to be depression. Depression simply means a period of low morale or unhappiness. What makes depression deadly is the fact that it is neither seen as a sickness nor a cause for emergency in Africa. This is either as a result negligence — or the overhyped machoism of the common African man. Sadly, most parents fail to “see through” their children until it is too late. By “see through”, I mean the sudden changes in the behavior of a child; the effect of the parents/guardian words on a child; the kind of company the child keeps, among many others. We may hate to admit it, but the facts do not lie— that is, depression is real, and a lot of people are currently in its vice-like grip.

A typical example of one of such person’s is the late student of English, Akachi. Going through his facebook timeline was not only horrific, but also traumatic. To describe without mincing words, it was like watching a horror movie, one which sucks out the happiness and optimism in any individual, just like the evil “dementors” in JK. Rowlings’ masterpiece “HARRY POTTER”. He cited his personal battle against depression as the chief reason for killing himself. One glaring factor that caused this depression has to be neglect. His updates were always about different people who committed suicide; every post he made was a not-too-subtle hint about his suicidal plans—and these, perhaps, should have served as a clarion call for his loved ones that there was something religiously wrong with this child. When life becomes insipid and unappealing, it should not come as a surprise when an individual decides to take his life because at this point, it becomes poetic — that is, beautiful, too good to be true.

I do not intend justifying suicide. it is a dastardly act which should not be carried out by anyone, no matter the situation. I just wish we humans could be more understanding as regards the plights of others. There are so many people out there that are facing one form of depression or the other, help them to overcome this in any way possible. Remember, it could have been you. This is not a didactic piece, neither do I intend to masquerade as one of the cocky inspirational speakers who proffer panaceas to every problem by prescribing that their clients find their “inner tiger”. There are many Akachis out there, they need love and not words. To those facing depression around the world, chin up, tomorrow will be better.



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