two women sitting on green grass
Photo by Brett Sayles on

In the silence of the night I sit
Wondering to my self what went wrong
“I thought we were friends ” I thought wondering what changed for so long
“We will be friends forever ” you said
Now much of this I feel no more ”

What changed dear friend?
The reply of your emotion left me with no answers
Like strangers we felt strange
Although I felt you from a range
“HI” We said
Waiting for replies that came no way
Deep in the close of my heart
I wish you come my way
We stayed together
Like birds that would stay forever
With the sound of boom
Flies away asunder
“DEAR friend what went wrong” I thought
With pain in my heart like hands in thorns.
I thought it would last
I guess its all in the past
I thought all this friendship would not go
Now nothing left but just friendly foes.

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