It all started like a film
When it was stolen beyond my will
Upon a early morning
Walking the streets of LAGOS tolling
Like the ants hustle
I wake up to everyday selling for my hustle
As a little girl I move up with my trays
Trays of orange to sell under the sun rays
Rays of the scorching sun with nothing to sell
Young as I am a virgin my story I tell.

Once a fateful day,
My lady pride was taken away
Pride of my womanhood I lost that day
” you are a beautiful ” he said
As I looked up to his muscular eyes scared
With the lion strengthened arm he held tight
To my fragile body so light
” please stop ” I said
Hoping my words he heard
In time unknown to my senses,
Power of his manhood I felt from his testis
As all went by,
Look up at his terrifying eyes
In pain of sorrow I cry
Like a caged bird unable to fly in shame I hide
As what’s left of me but just a stolen pride


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