“Na politicians dey rush me” – BROBRISKY

Famous Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky, hops on new trend

– In a recent post he revealed that he’s being heavily chased by politicians

By now, most Nigerians know if they are in need of a good laugh, listening to Bobrisky speak about anything or monitoring his social media content is one way to crack your ribs. Undoubtedly, the male barbie is a clown and knows just how to get the attention of his fans.

The internet is always an interesting. Nigerians popularised a new phrase ‘na dem dey rush us’ from a Nollywood movie where they express being desired by certain thing. Since the trend began, many people have come up with creative ways to reflect the idea that they are being desired.

Bobrisky decided to take a break from taking photos with fans recently and admitted that his new decision is based on people wanting to take unflattering photos of him and apparently, destroy his slaying career. As if that wasn’t enough laugh for the week, the cross-dresser recently shared new photos on his social media and made an attempt to ride on the ‘na dem dey rush us’ trend.

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Sharing a cute photo of himself, he revealed that in his case, ‘politicians’ are the ones rushing him. Although Bobrisky didn’t indicate whether the so-called politicians are male or female, most fans assumed he was speaking of men since he’s an aspiring transgender.


Bobrisky confesses to being desired by politicians Source: Instagram, Bobrisky

Whether his intent was to give a good laugh to his fans or he is suggesting that some powerful men in the country swing both ways, seeing as most of them are married to women, Bobrisky has lost it and most people already know this.

However, you have to love him(er) for being just a delightful human in through this tough journey called life.

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