Atiku reveals that he jogs more than 800metres a day

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Wednesday frowned at President Muhammadu Buhari’s 800 metres trek in Daura, noting that exercise is not a yardstick to measure ones intellectual ability to put Nigeria in its right perspective.

Disclosing this through his tweeter handle, Atiku opined that he jogged more than a mile everyday and it would be shameful of him to boast with it or ask Nigerians to vote for him because of it.

“I regularly jog more than a mile & exercise, but it will be pedestrian of me to ask Nigerians to vote for me because of that.”

Recall that Presidency had said that Buhari had demonstrated his fitness to run for a second term by trekking 800 metres from the Eid praying ground in Daura to his private residence.

In view of the above statement, Atiku said, “I want my party – the PDP, and Nigerians, to vote for me because I WORK not because I WALK. I will work to create jobs. I won’t walk to create an illusion.”

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