How heavy I feel them
Compounded thoughts of mine
Weighing so much to my neck
Poor bone of mine carrying all the heavy burden of its head
Heavy thoughts of this poor soul
You kept alone
Like water through a basket I wish they could flow away
Burden of the head
Carrying all the thought of my past, present, and future
All my fantasies you watched me store
Ever smiling to these stupid thoughts of mine

In my confused state
You reminded me of it all
From my childhood I gave discomfort to your comfort
As I played all day
Loads more than my self you carried
In your silent voice I felt your pain
Your burden you carried
For my sake you felt the pain to save my thoughts
Your neck ever straight to hold you up
Guess that’s why you never dropped
Dear head,
I would be sorry for my thoughts you carried
Confusion, happiness, pain and fantasies you remembered
Thank you as my burden you kept
Even my past which I thought had passed
You reminded me of it all

How could I relieve you of this burden
My thoughts so heavy for you to carry
While awake I think
While asleep I dream
Every of these moments you carried it all
With no help my heavy fantasies you kept for long.

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