BREAKING! Femi Otedola To Run For LAGOS GOVERNORSHIP SEAT… As He Accepts PDP Governorship Ticket!!!


This piece of news is both a welcome development and an irony. It is the former in the sense that Mr Femi being a billionaire, will most likely never loot public funds. Looting and embezzlement of funds have been plaguing this country since independence because politicians occupying public positions use their power to further their selfish goals, and also to enrich themselves. It is not uncommon for many of them to become extremely rich overnight when they are in any position of note. This malaise is in virtually all levels of government, and it is highly disheartening to see this people misuse public funds without a care.
But in the case of a billionaire like Femi, Lagosians can rest easy (if he is elected) knowing that taxes being collected are in the hands who has no reason to steal. Truth be told, he is one who can be said to be tailor made for Lagos but what is likely going to work against him is his lack of experience in governance.

What makes his appointment an irony is the fact that no primary election was conducted. It is high time political parties, and the so called political god fathers stopped imposing their personal candidates on Nigerians. Democracy denotes freedom of choice and it is partially restricted if a particular set of people who form the minority keep imposing candidates on the majority or masses. If a candidate feels he or she is suitable for any position, the person should be made to pass through the due processes involved before contesting an election. After all, gold is not gold until it is tested by fire.

In conclusion, our democracy however farcical it is must be preserved by making sure we try to put the right people in the right places, and above all, the respect for rule of law must continually be upheld. I do not know if Otedola is the Mr Right for Lagos State, but I surely do wish him well.

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