UTME, the silent killer people ignore by UDE CHIEDOZIE


The year 2019 will prove to be one of the most complicated years in Nigeria’s history due to the uncertainty and paranoia surrounding the 2019 General Elections. Irrespective of this, the UTME examination is still expected to hold, howbeit, it may either come very early e.g end of January or very later e.g May and beyond.

Election years in most cases disrupt other activities in Nigeria because of the malaise of disorderliness troubling our country. So, it is in the best interest of anyone planning to sit the next UTME examination to start early preparation, so as not to be like the biblical ‘Foolish Virgins’ who missed their marriages through their lackadaisical and carefree attitude.

UTME is not the most difficult examination in Nigeria, but I will continue to brand The UTME Examination as the most complicated exam which one can face in one’s ‘O level’ because it is done once in a year, unlike SSCE which can be done about five times a year. That is, if you fail your SSCE or WAEC as we call it, you have the opportunity to make amends that same year, unlike the UTME (JAMB).

The implication of not passing The UTME Examination for the average Nigerian student from a middle-class family is that you have to wait for the next year to resit the examination. The students from extremely rich homes are quite lucky because their parents can afford to send them to universities abroad the country or even to the numerous private universities in the country that charge exorbitant fees. Due to this, we can conclude that the hope the average Nigerian student from a humble home has is in our Federal and State Universities

Many a student has been known to face one form of depression or the other due to their inability to gain admission into the universities, and it is not uncommon for it to be heard that Nkechi or Funke has given up on their dreams of going to school by getting married. Sometimes, we even hear of students going into drugs to combat sadness and depression, and this has become prevalent in our society to the extent that people no longer flinch with shock when people resort to the ignoble act of suicide, in a bid to end their sorrows and predicaments.
The 2017 version was conducted around May, and because of this, students had a lot of time to adequately prepare it (though some punks were still caught unawares). But as a result of the uncertainties surrounding the year 2019, students may not be so lucky in the next UTME due to the following reasons;
1. The UTME examination may come very early
2. The literature syllabus might be changed
3. There is little room for malpractice due to the presence of CCTV cameras

Like I said earlier, the only way one can avoid falling into the trap of academic quagmire in the upcoming UTME is by starting one’s preparations early. So, every serious students should start getting all the necessary materials needed do as to ace the exam.
Remember, UTME is a silent killer if you become its customer.

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