In life there are Morals which have been inculcated from parents to their offsprings from generation to generation and these morals and norms are expected to build the individual’s positive attributes and make him useful morally in the society. This exactly is why institutions like the family, schools and churches try their best to impact into the lives of people ranging from the child to a whole nation. In cases where these norms and Morals are not impacted into lives then the repercussions and effects will be suffered in the society.
Today, the repercussions of these wrong Morales has led to the innovation and evolution of abominations into norms and practices. In the world today,  it is totally rare  for one to watch TV, listen to the radio, read the newspaper or even the social media without seeing one abomination or the other. This is a course for concern.
Imagine a society where rape and homosexuality has become an act without shame or regret. On the news the other day it was said that a 57 year old man raped his daughters of 12 and 14 respectively and when he’s asked why he says he did it to test their fertility, what nonsense!  .How can a man of such gerontocratic age fall for such stupidity as to subject his children to such torture and traumatic experience not withstanding the fact that they are his blood. I could remember vividly when I was in the primary school, I was thought social studies where  we were meant to understand that incest is a wrong social act and a punishable offence, but this is not the same today, parents now see their children as attractive and “sweet” for sexual relationship. The high rate of incest make me wonder, WHAT IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO?
There are stories that when you hear them, your ears tingles. These days such stories have become the norm.When a woman walks down the aisle with a dog as her groom, when a father rapes his own daughter, when a young boy is arrested trying to kill his own mother for ritual, no seer is needed to know that all is not well.
If after hearing that a 13 year old girl is pregnant for her elderly brother, you don’t shudder, you are part of what makes my ears tingle. Gays that were in hiding now dare to parade the streets with placards asking for ‘rights’! Young girls brag about having up to five boyfriends when there was a time that such would never be uttered even in the secrecy of one’s bedroom. I tell you, the abominations of old are becoming the norm of today. The things we once condemned are what we now praise. Single mother proudly displays her baby bump in social media and the world cheers! Read the papers, listen to the news and you’ll be left asking the same question I keep asking- “WHAT IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO”
Consequently, it has been signed into law in most countries of the world that parents can now have “consented relationships ” with their children and siblings are free to get married. This exactly is what’s called in the igbo culture “ARU” at the highest level. Recently,  in Kenya  approval  was given by the government for the production  of lesbian films, What exactly is lesbian film meant to impact in the life of the society?!. This act is a sign of high graded stupidity  on the part of that government who have encouraged homosexuality in the society forgetting the relevance of good moral conduct, later the government would complain that corrupt practices are evolving neglecting the root of the problems. Sometimes I wonder were all the African values and Morales went to, did they fly out through the ears as they were thought? “WHAT EXACTLY IS THE WORLD TURNING INTO “

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