AFRICAN MENTALITY 2: The African Time Diseases by Okoye Godwin

By Godwin Okoye



Diseases have been said by experts and scientists to be harmful and encroaching to the human system, it affects both actions and reactions of the human body. Talking about diseases, there is a common disease which affects most Africans known as the “AFRICAN TIME DISEASE”. Africans have a unique way of passing and waking through time by just creating their unique time zone different from that of the rest of the world known as the “AFRICAN TIME”

In explaining the african time zone, you need to understand the concept of latenes and “aftercomings”. The african time zone which is also known as the “after minuite” time or “the after hour” time is strictly categorized by lateness. From generation to generation, this time zone has been passed down, thereby inculcating a malicious act of lateness; lateness to work, occasions, events, interviews and even eating. Quite pathetic!

This “genetic trait” is deeply rooted in our culture due to the fact that our ancestors also indulged in such, and this has had and is still having its negative effects on the generation of today.

Taking Nigeria as a case study, it is well noticed that because of this trait that has been passed from parents to children, people now believe in ‘African time’ as the usual and legal explanation for going late to occasions, all in the name of “others would come late” Imagine an event that starts by 10pm and individuals are not yet around for that ocasion until at a later hour just because of the so-called “AFRICAN TIME” .African time is like a sickness which has affected most people today especially “NIGERIANS” who see it as the order of the day. This is a very bad and appalling attitude. Reasearch has shown that about 89.5% of Nigerians go late to occasions, and 75% is caused by sleeping late and unable to wake up early, while the remaining 14.5% is caused by procastination and presumption. Another research has shown that in future time, the remaining 10.5% of individuals who are punctual might later be affected by this and would start working on african time. This must not be allowed to happen.

It is very important for us as individuals to undertstand the importance of punctuality which is the simpliest act of discipline to learn by just keeping to time. African time is not a time zone in any part of the world rather, it is just an act of lateness and laziness created by the mind of Africans as an excuse. Success as an individual begins with being able to discipline one’s mind towards punctuality. Most lucarative businesses in the world now deal with time and a person who can not keep to time cannot make profit.

As African parents and elders, it is very important to inculcate the act of punctuality in our offsprings, and this can be started by making sure that our children go to school on time, go to church before time and even go to sleep on time. By doing this, you tend to imbibe the spirit of punctuality and also eradicate the spirit of african time from them. .

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