You feel confident, powerful, capable and happy when you wear your favourite clothes. There is no doubt that fashion makes you feel empowered, especially when you know you are looking your best.


However, putting together unique outfit ideas on a regular basis is not always easy, indeed,  creating a total fresh look from the start can be an extremely challenging task or  that  can make you feel bored , frustrated, and of course  discouraged. When faced with the wardrobe challenge of not knowing to wear, giving up should never be an option.  It is important to note that you don’t need to break the bank before you can look gorgeous; all you need is inspiration and creativity. In fact, you can use the fashion essentials that you already have in your closet to create a unique look for your every day wear.


Scroll down and discover styles that will be suitable to wear in 2019:

*Single patterned outfit that means you can use black and white vertical stripes to create a unique matched outfit.

*Kimono jackets, you wear this piece to the office or for important occasions.

*Fitted lace top which can be worn on high waist skirts, circular skirts, and trouser pants, straight and pencil skirts.

*Off the shoulder fitted tops and dresses.

* Môno strap tops and dresses

*Dresses, skirts and tops with ruffles

*Pleated gown skirts and blouses

*Outfits with fringes



*Tiered outfits

All these can be dressed up for work or for casual outings.

In choosing your dresses; whether you are buying from a boutique or you want them made by a bespoke designer,  patterns, designs, colours and prints on fabrics must be chosen wisely because they are the things that will bring out the beauty of the dress you want to make.

They also energise, inspire, and give designers new ideas that will make them come up with beautiful creations.

Types of Pattern fabrics to look out for in 2019 include: Abstract pattern, African pattern, animal pattern, air brush pattern, basket weave pattern, batik pattern, damask pattern, to mention but few.

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