The Biblical Nigerian Chronicle: By King Solomon

*This ASUU vs FG is getting out of hand.
If ASUU continues with the strike and it’s to be recorded in the Bible, this is how it’ll go.*

*1 Chronicles chapter 1*

1. And in the days when Muhammadu, the son of Buhari, from the tribe of Fulani whose city was in Daura in the high plains of Kastina was King of Nigeria, in the 3rd year of his reign

2. Then Chris, the son of Ngige who was amongst the kings counsellors refused to meet the demands of ASUU, a chosen group and nation out of different tribes and Universities.

3. ASUU, profusely embittered sort to go into an indefinite strike, thereby making the University’s Land desolate until their demands were met

4. “I demand 1.3Trillion shekels” said Abiodun son of Ogunyemi who was the chief ruler of the Nation of ASUU. But Chris son of Ngige said unto them I will deliver unto you 15.4billion Shekels.

5. But When the men of the nation of ASUU heard this, they went into rage and recalled when they made such promises the previous year without meeting the proposed demands.

6. They swore not to partake in the forthcoming election because of the pain bestowed on them by the king and his counsellors was too great to be ignored.

7. And when the Students of the Neighboring nations of private universities saw what has happened to the Children under federal universities as they were in constant gnashing of their teeth, they began to sigh and murmur against them saying “4 years course go turn 6 years”.

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