Dramatic Dino by Chiedozie Ude

Dino Melaye is more dramatic than the whole of Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood and all the plywood and forests put together. Most times, I often wonder why he never took a career in acting because his antics are comical enough to make lots of hits in the movie industry. Is it his story about hiding on a tree to escape the clutches of kidnappers? Or his dramatic fainting whenever he is about to be arrested? Or more recently, the video of him sleeping on a mat outside the DSS medical centre? All these events are legendary, and they can only be pulled off by anyone whose name starts with the Capital Letter ‘D.’
It is still early in the year 2019, but I think he has done enough to win the award for ‘Best Actor Of The Year.’

While it may be quite unfair of me to describe his antics as fake, I can not still help feeling he is being unfairly treated by the present administration in power because of the regularity at which Senator Dino Melaye is always in the news. Dino is no saint, and we all know that. But constantly prosecuting him is probably what he wants as the ‘Drama King’ he is. This will only make him appeal to more Nigerians, he’ll gain a cult followership and win the election to represent his constituency at the National Assembly. Everyone is always sympathetic towards a tragic hero, and the FG is making Dino look like one.

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