Easy trick on how to read deleted message on WhatsApp

Sometime back, WhatsApp made it possible for users to delete chat messages mistakenly sent to the wrong people.

Although the rule for deleting is only restricted within one hour, after the message is sent.

Meanwhile, there is a trick that most WhatsApp users are using to be able to read deleted messages from their chats.

If someone removes a message sent to you and you want to read it, don’t worry as WhatsApp has a feature called back up that is making it possible to restore all chat messages which are deleted.

However, for you to restore chat messages, you will be required to uninstall WhatsApp, reinstall it and then after opening the application you will just press back up and the deleted messages will be visible together with other archived media files.

Remember while the message is removed from chats the message is still stored on your device and so it is a matter of time for it to be restored using back up on WhatsApp.

Source: hivisasa.com

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