The WEB. episode 1 by CHIOMA EMMANUEL


“Amie! Amie!” Sandra shouted in excitement.

Amaka turned. She saw a lady waving at her. The face looked familiar but she just couldn’t place where she knew it from. The lady crossed the road.

“Amie! It’s been so long!” Sandra said hugging her.

Now that the lady was closer, Amaka recognized her.

“SD!” She screamed hugging her back.
“When I heard you call me ‘Amie’, I knew you must know me well but I just couldn’t place your face. Wow! I’m so happy to see you” she said excitedly.

“We have a lot of gist to catch up on oo. How long has it been? 16 years right? Time does fly by quickly” Sandra said as they flagged down a taxi.
“Come see me in my office” Mr. Kachi said.

Titi nodded and Mr. Kachi left. She packed her books into her locker and stood up.

“Mr. Kachi’s wife. I don’t know why you are his favorite. Fat balloon like you” Kemi, the class bully sneered.

“Fatty bombom” Anita chipped in. They both laughed at her.

Titi felt embarrassed as she walked out of the class. She met Nancy at the door.

“Don’t mind those girls. They try to bully everyone.” She said, putting her hands on Titi’s shoulders. She nodded her head and headed for Mr. Kachi’s office.

Iya Funmi came back late from shop, it was already dark and as usual, there was no power supply. The day had been bad for her, all her customers were unbearable! She almost slapped one woman that tried to price one derica of rice! Mtcheeeew! Nobody should dare use their poverty to try and frustrate her ooo. After all, when they were busy voting for bad leaders, she was not there. She was at the beginning of the street when she saw two people holding hands near her gate. She hissed. Children of nowadays! No shame! If she ever caught Funmi doing this kind of rubbish ehn, by the time she handles her, she will know the kind of mother she has! When she was in the middle of the street, she saw the faces of the two people. Yeeee! E shanu mi! (Help me) what was Funmi doing with that Deji? Two slippers off, Iya Funmi ran towards her gate shouting with her loud voice. Anyone that didn’t know her would have thought she was mad, but the people of Sale Street were used to her constant drama. A week without Iya Funmi making a scene? Future impossible tense!

“Wetin you want with my pikin? She hold your rib?’ she shouted grabbing Deji’s shirt as she shook violently. If looks could kill, Deji would probably have been dead!

Kachi threw his lesson notes on the table once he entered his office. He slouched on his chair and put his legs on his table.

He saw his wife’s picture on his desk.

“I curse the day I met you!” he said and turned the picture upside down.

There was a knock at the door.

“Come in” he said.

Titi entered his office, looking so innocent and shy.

He stood up and closed the office door behind her.

He stooped down to look at her.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She looked away.

He turned her to face him.

“Say you are ready, Princess.” He requested sweetly as he stroked her hair.

She smiled shyly.

“I am ready” she replied.

Kachi smiled and pulled up her school uniform. He unbuckled his belt and laid her on his table.

Stay tuned for next episode next Thursday

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