My philosophy: lord_wright

I have heard of him since my conception, his stories during my birth. My standing was all too have a glimpse of him on the plasma TV. I saw different pictures of him and this got me confused.
During assemblies, we sang songs to him and we never ate without calling his name. His name is wonderful.

I never knew him until a few years ago when I had series of encounters with him, he unraveled the mysteries that bothered me and kept me fresh in his arms.
My philosophy has encompassed his dwelling in my heart and many decisions that I have made have been propelled by his words.
My living has been constrained to him and conformity to the norms isn’t my way of living.
He has succored me and made me overcome my fears, challenge my problems and be the best of me!

As an African boy, I have found out that the exigencies of living in any sphere of life, Especially as a Nigerian student are wrapped up in that one glorious name, JESUS! He meets my every need and keeps me focused.
My life was shapeless, having no form or void until he spoke breathing his life into mine and since then my life has been one envied by others. My relationship with him has brought life and light to others around me, I have been used as a good vessel to sharpen and shapen destinies far and wide.

Testimonies are my everyday stories, my success and disappointments are all in him. In my academics, he has taught me in the way I should go, he has shown me a more excellent way. I’ve had overwhelming issues with both friends, foes and distant onlookers but his undying love for me and his continuous presence keeps me above. My down times and tears are just the pruning times because the times of refreshing always arrive like the fresh morning dew that drives away the night heat.
JESUS, my philosophy has taught me that in my society, my primary assignment is not just my books but meeting people’s needs in all ramifications and I’ve been doing that graciously.
People around you are quite unlovable but because I have experienced his love, it isn’t that hard to love even in hard times. I have been criticized, called all sorts of names, they have said, ‘You are living in a world of fallacies’ but this so called fallacy has disciplined me and kept me in line of purpose. I have peace within and without so it doesn’t matter much if I’m isolated for him.

I unapologetically believe that my philosophy in life will make me great in this temporary world and the eternal one

Jesus Christ has been my philosophy
Jesus Christ is my philosophy and Jesus Christ will forever be my philosophy.

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