By Chioma Emmanuel

It broke out today.

“Mum, can I go and see my friend, David?” Angel asked.

Mrs. Nkwocha dropped her bible and looked up at her 16 years old daughter.

“You want to go and see a boy? For what? Is he your boyfriend?”

And the questions came flooding in in torrents. After a long sermon with no concrete message,   Angel retired to her room and called David. Their outing was a sin, so said her mum.

Angel was just about to lay on her bed when her mum barged into her room.

“And what’s that Jezebelic attire you are wearing? I said it! Those your daughters-from-hell friends have started influencing you! I’ve told you that I don’t ever want to see you with them! See what you bought with the money I gave you! Get up, take off that cloth and hand it over! I’m going to burn it!” Mrs. Nkwocha shouted with so much anger. If her eyes could emit fire, she’d have definitely burnt the cloth off Angel’s body.

Angel couldn’t understand what was wrong with the cloth. It looked okay to her but she was still under her mother’s roof.

As she took off the sleeveless gown, she kept humming a tune from the cartoon FROZEN silently: ‘Don’t let them see, don’t let them know,  be the good girl you always have to be….’

Her mother waited behind to watch her pick a gown from her wardrobe of knee-length skirts and floor-sweeping gowns. Mrs. Nkwocha sighted the other clothes that Angel had bought by a corner in the wardrobe.

Calling them all sorts of names, she picked them and left.

Angel picked a flowing brown gown. She hated it. Infact, she despised it. The same way she despised every single cloth in her wardrobe. But she had to wear it.

She had asked her mum several times why she couldn’t dress her mates, why she had to cover her head to pray, why she chased her friends away, why she couldn’t put on makeup even after finishing secondary school, why she was forbidden from smoking.

And all her questions were always answered with one statement, a statement she had come to loathe: “It is a sin”.

Nothing more, nothing less. Every other answer that followed was just hot air.

It was like her mum thought that single statement should clear all her doubts and make her embrace her beliefs but no, it didn’t! It couldn’t! Because that wasn’t an answer!

It didn’t clear an ounce of doubt. Rather, Angel had ten or twelve more questions to ask. But her mum wasn’t having that. You don’t ask questions, you just believe! That’s what her mum told a curious and confused teenager!

When she got admission that year, Angel was unusually happy. Everyone thought it was the euphoria of being an undergraduate. Only Angel knew that it was the joy of freedom. Freedom from beliefs she couldn’t understand. Freedom from a religion she was forced into.
Freedom to seek answers to her million and six questions.

She saw freedom and she embraced it. She gave it a good warm kiss.

So today, her first night in Imo state university, Angel sits over a bottle of beer, a stick of cigarette in her right hand as the guy sitting beside her admires the flesh on her thighs which her bum shorts reveal.

“One more bottle, please!” She shouts, determined to get drunk.

The dark side has broken out.

Who let it loose?

Me: Unanswered questions!


Dear Christian parents,
You tell her not to have a boyfriend but you don’t explain why. You buy her decent dresses and she wears them to please you, not because she believes in it. You don’t feel she deserves an explanation. “Children must follow their parents footsteps!” You keep shouting, forgetting that times have changed. If you don’t start explaining the ‘WHY’ behind your instructions, your innocent looking daughter will go to the university wearing ball gowns and come back home tying towel as cloth!

Did I just hear you say God forbid?

You can forbid it hundred times and it will still happen unless you stop blowing hot air and start giving some real explanations!

Answer all her ‘silly, useless, demon-possessed’ questions. Don’t make her join the league of Good-Girls-Gone-Bad. Save a Christian girl today.

Too many unanswered questions could prove fatal. You might just wake up and find out you’ve been living with a stranger.

Answer those questions today!!!

                                       From a concerned youth.

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