By Chioma Emmanuel

“No, I don’t want to play that game. That woman was shouting. It will pain me.” Eunice heard her five year old daughter say.

Immediately, she froze.

Her bucket filled with clothes she had come out to spread all of a sudden seemed invisible.

Her ears stood at attention as she drew nearer to her window.

“It can not pain you. Come joor. Let’s play. Oya off your pant.”

That did it!

Eunice could no longer control her anger, not after hearing what her seven year old son was suggesting to his own sister.

Like a tigress, she dashed into their one room apartment. And sure enough, Amanda’s pants were down to her knees, yet to be completely pulled off.

As if immediately sensing they were in trouble, Amanda and Austin started shaking, with Amanda trying to pull up her pant.

Few minutes later, Eunice was banging at a neighbour’s door. It was the young man that lived in the last room by the left. Uncle Jide as all the children in the face-me-I-face-you fondly called him.

“Jide! Jide! Open up or I will break your door! You want to spoil my children’s destiny with your blue film abi? Open this door!” She shouted, pounding her fist against it with all her strength as she raged.

Soon, half of the compound had gathered and Eunice, admist angry tears and curses, narrates how she overheard her children’s discussion before they could commit an abomination, and how serious interrogation accompanied by hot slaps made them reveal how uncle Jide made them watch ‘adult games’ as he called the videos on his phone.

Everybody screamed. Gentle looking Uncle Jide. Uncle Jide with the bag full of sweets and biscuits. Uncle Jide that was every child’s best uncle!!

As they screamed and came up with different plans of what to do to him when he returns home, Eunice worried that her children would end up like her.

She too had watched the ‘adult game’ as a child but from her father’s phone. It was what let to her masturbation. It was why she was a single mum with two children from different men.

“Ah Jide! You will pay!” Eunice vowed she headed to her room. She had two children that needed to be saved from the consequences of the ‘adult game’.


*Pornography is one of the fastest ways to ruin a child’s future. It alters so many things in a child’s psychology. It produces masturbators, rapists, women of easy virtue, e.t.c.

*Be mindful of who you allow around your children. The world is getting scarier by the day, and now demands a new set of parents who are watchdogs.

This 2019, make a pledge as a parent to protect your child from the evils of the ‘adult game’.


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