THE WEB episode 2


“Orobo! Where is that elephant? When it is time to work, you won’t find her ooo but when time to eat comes, boom! She’ll appear from nowhere! Titi!” Vanessa shouted from the kitchen.

Titi who had been busy with her homework heard her step mother call her name. She quickly sprang up from the floor, she didn’t want trouble this evening.

“So you want to turn me into a mad dog that will be shouting all over the house abi? Is it now that I called you?” Vanessa shouted as Titi entered the kitchen. Titi stood by the door with her arms folded behind her.
She shook her head.

“How many times have I asked you to stop answering my questions by shaking your head like agama lizard, you this elephant? Is your mouth for decoration? Don’t let me deal with you in this house ooo!” she threatened.

“Sorry ma.” Titi apologized.

“Sorry for yourself! Come and pound this pepper joor! Lazy thing! All you know how to do is eat!” she said and turned to check the food on fire.

Titi bent down and started pounding the pepper. Her mind went to Mr. Kachi.

“He would never treat me like this. He calls me a princess.” She thought as she pounded the pepper.
Sandra briefed Amaka of all that had happened in her life during the past 16 years they were separated. She told her about her 3 years marriage that was yet to produce a child, she had had four miscarriages. She told the sad tale of how she met her husband after his first wife died. She died barely a year after they got married, she was pregnant when she died. Her husband had refused to go into details about her death. He claimed that he was trying to put his past behind him. During the first year of their marriage, he had been sweet and nice to her but when years passed and the miscarriages increased with no child, he changed. He became something she couldn’t describe.

“Enough of the sad part before you think my life is tragic. I work at a bank as the MD. So, at least, one area of my life seems to be doing well” Sandra said and sipped some juice.

“Wow! It seems my life has not been the only one full of drama.” Amaka said, smiling.

“So, spit it out! Tell me what you’ve been up to all these years!” Sandra said excitedly. It felt good to have a friend again. She had missed having someone to talk to.
As Kachi entered his car, he thought of where to head to. He didn’t want to go home to see that his barren wife. Just looking at her made him very angry. The barren thing! He drove around for some minutes before making up his mind to visit one of his girlfriends, Quintia. He couldn’t wait for his wife’s leave to end.

“I miss those days that I would only see her at night, but now….” He sighed.

Quintia welcomed him just as he had expected. He had always been lucky with women right from university days.

“I was planning to call you to come today but you came on your own” Quintia said giggling. She was playing with her fingers.

“Hmmm……it looks like somebody missed me a lot. Well, I missed somebody a lot too.” He said pecking her forehead. Quintia withdrew shyly from him. This was one of the things that attracted him to her, she was always shy. He had always had a thing for shy, insecure girls, that’s one of the reasons he couldn’t understand why he ended up getting married to an extrovert. Maybe she charmed him. So, she was not just barren, she is a witch too! Quintia said something that he didn’t quite catch because of his thoughts.

“Please, come again darling. I didn’t hear what you said.” He said, playing with her hair.

“I have news for you.” she said. “I’m not sure if you will like it.” she said timidly.

Kachi felt his body tense.

“News? What is it?” he asked nervously.
Funmi tried to pull her mother from Deji. Shebi she warned him to go home but he refused, now see how her mother was embarrassing both of them on the street. She grabbed one of her Iya Funmi’s hands, Iya Funmi used her free hand to give her a backhand slap. Funmi fell to the floor and refused to get up. Wooooo! Let Deji face his wahala alone! She cannot suffer for what she warned him about.

Iya Funmi dragged Deji’s cloth as she jumped and down. Deji kept begging her as tried to free himself from her grip. He yanked her left hand off his cloth. Iya Funmi screamed louder, putting her free hand on her head.

“Egbami oo! (Help me oo!) Deji wants to beat me oo! Deji wants to kill me oo!” she screamed, holding her head in a dramatic fashion. People started gathering around. Deji felt like crying. Who sent him to woo Iya Funmi’s daughter? Which of his village people did this evil to him?

“Oya beat me….beat me!” she screamed and held him tighter.

Written by Chioma Emmanuel

Anticipate episode 3!!


Next episode will be published Next Week Thursday stay tuned.

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