LOVE HAPPENS chapter 3

Chapter 3

Well she got nothing to say, but she needed company, either to listen or to contribute. Its been long she had been with someone, what can she do? She waited patiently, not enjoying the noisily quiet atmosphere. She couldn’t take the first move, she was scared she’d fuck everything up. She didn’t have much work to do, thank goodness her luggage and stuffs had been sent earlier on to the house. All she had to do was unpack, she had also seen the marshmallow, pancakes, irish potatoes, beef and home-made bread that Tess had prepared for her, her favourite. She didn’t share with Fred or whatever he called his name though, she never shared with anyone, besides, he was just meant to spend the night, she wasn’t entitled to please him or anything.
“So Katie, why did you change your mind” Fred’s voice sounded like a whisper sending ice through her veins. She was happy he broke the unending silence though. Sitting on the couch just beside the gorgeous bed, Katie shifted position, she knew the question was coming and so was prepared for it. “Didn’t wanna have a boring night, or did u?” She said with the sexiest of her voice which could make a president fall on his kneels. Fred smiled gently “Oh no, not at all” He said. Gosh, he looked so ravishly handsome in the robe that showed reasonable part of his bare chest, his face was glowing just like a female’s on her wedding day. His lips were something else, she wanted to taste them, he wanted to draw him closer and feel the heat of his body on hers, she wanted to trace her fingers down his smooth bare chest. She wanted him all over her. But something still held her back, something dreadful and dangerous, better not to think of it now. “Don’t think I can communicate with you miles away, come to the bed with me and let’s think of what to do” Fred told her bringing her back from her thoughts. “Uh!” She exclaimed not feeling safe. But he just gestured and she went under the blanket with him, her legs in, in a sitting position. She was unusually free with him which she wasn’t with other guys, she had tried her best to stay away from guys these past five years and had been doing a great job until now. Instead of her staying away from this strange man, she found herself drawn to him, as if there was a connection of some sort. She was thinking too far, it was nothing and it was just a night, nothing else. She told herself. “Katie.. ” Fred whispered. Just then she realized how close she was to him, shoulder almost touching shoulder and the body language was the strongest she had ever had. She had never been with a guy, except…..
“Katie look at me” She forced her gaze to him. He looked nervous too, he looked as scared as she was. They weren’t kids for crying out loud, what the hell was happening? “Katie, I need you” Those words rang in her ears like an olden days church bell. He said it out loud. Its been long she heard that from a guy. He needed her! She wasn’t attractive or beautiful, nor was she sexy or whatever and judging by his looks, she wasn’t his type of girl, so why would he NEED her?? Is that how he needs other girls too? She couldn’t help but feel jealous at the thought, she couldn’t imagine him being with another girl. He was a stranger!! She knew nothing about him and they were not meant to be on the same bed. Were they gonna have a one-night-stand? God help her, she wasn’t the type of girl, it was wrong. But right at the moment, everything felt right. “Do you feel the same? Tell me, don’t you feel any connection? Katie i’ve never felt like this before” He continued, gently coming closer to her, turning her face towards him so she could see the need in his eyes. He held her face with his hands and drew back her long hair away from her face. Would she allow herself this night’s pleasure?? The question is not about would but could, could she do it? Did she have the courage?? Fred sure was a kind of guy that had sex with girls and won’t be able to recognise her face a week later, but that wasn’t her problem, this wasn’t about him, this was about her. “Fred…. ” She whispered as he caressed her cheeks with his two thumbs, he was facing her now and was just too close to her, maybe he misunderstood what she meant by ‘talk’, but she was passed correcting too, she didn’t wanna stop this at all. “Yes baby, you want the same, don’t you?” She couldn’t deny that, she did. Katie didn’t know how or where the nod came from but she nodded, she did and that small gesture brought his lips to hers, the soft lips she had been craving to taste since when he got out of his car, an event which seemed like a year ago now. She hesitated at first, then kissed back which caused a reaction in him. He kissed her deeper and deeper, tasting her lips with everything in him, she kissed back, raking her fingers through his hair. He inserted his tongue and pushed further into her mouth, kissing gently, he took it slowly, guess he was being careful. As the kiss grew deeper, his hands found his way to the down part of her breasts, cupping her left breast and squeezing gently, he toyed with her nipple right through her thin gown, be touched and caressed and smooched, then he went to the right one, still kissing her. To satisfy her curiosity, her hands went to his chest, she wanted to feel it, to trace her fingers on it and tickle his nipples, she did just that just as he started to undress her, she panicked. “Am I hurting you? ” Fred said just as he pushed back immediately. She didn’t have a plausible explanation for her action and all she could push out of her mouth was “M sorry”. Fred lifted her face up to his as she looked down. “Do you want to stop?” Hell no, she didn’t, she wanted this, she did and she was a girl that always went for what she wanted. She didn’t need to talk, she made the first move this time. She loosed her gown and it fell off her body as she knelt on the bed, she stayed a little bit away from him and totally naked, she touched her breasts, rubbed her nipples hard and went down to her clits, there, she inserted a finger into her vagina and pushed hard, very hard, fingering herself roughly. She could see the uneasiness in Fred’s eyes and she smiled for having caused the reaction in him. She found a nice oil beside where she was sitting earlier and went for it, just as if Tess knew something like this was gonna happen. She rubbed it on her pussy at the close and keen look of Fred, then started fingering her wet pussy, she rolled her hand on her vulva as the second one went to her boobs, squeezing them gently and moaning slightly. She didn’t know how or when Fred cleared the space between them, all she felt was him on her, he had started kissing her back, he rubbed the oil on her breasts and squeezed hard this time. She could feel his erection pressed against her stomach, he went down to her neck, then kissed the tip of her breast before taking the nipple in his mouth, he sucked gently at first but as he heard sounds, moans and groans emanate from her, he sucked harder, went to the next and did the same thing. His fingers found their way to her wet tighs, as he inserted his middle finger into her pussy. She felt a throb of pain and squaked but the pleasure filled her already to acknowledge that, she pushed closer to meet his fingers as he throbbed into her gently, still sucking her breasts. Her hand found its way to his erection and held the tip, romancing the cap of his dick gently as he fingered her roughly. “I can’t wait anymore Katie, gosh, you are soo beautiful and sexy” He whispered as he widened her tighs and forced his erection through them, he raised her legs up and was about piercing through her. She didn’t know where they came from, she didnt know how they arrived, but the tears rushed down her face, she couldn’t hold them back, she was shocked herself as she sobbed, trying to hide her shame. “Oh good Lawd!!” She heard him exclaim. That he already saw what he didn’t pay attention to earlier made her sob harder, he must have seen the marks all over her body, the sewn parts and the permanent marks.
“Who did this to you” Katie could hear the tone of anger in his voice as she tried to sit up to face his gaze “Tell me, which son of a bitch did this to you” He demanded. Through her sobs, Katie tried to force the words out. “I was raped” She said and continued crying. “Brutally and repeatedly for years” She screamed, found her gown where she had thrown it on earlier, got off the bed and ran away to her room to the amazement of Fred.

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