LOVE HAPPENS chapter 4

Chapter 4

Fred pondered on what to do next. He felt uneasy, different feelings clouded his brain, he was helpless. For the first time Frederick Stiles was helpless about something. He had never come across this type of girl, he has never seen those types of marks on someone, especially a girl. Raped!! She was raped!!! He couldn’t help but think about it every time. Like she was raped brutally for years? How was that even possible? What did she do to deserve it. He felt pity, hurt, pain and above every other emotion, anger. He could strangle the guy who did it to her right on the spot he was. He blamed himself, he was so caught up in fulfilling his needs that he never checked her properly, even when she was seducing him. He couldn’t blame the darkness of the room because he saw the other parts of her body. There was one mark on her stomach, another on the top of her tigh close to her vagina. They were closing up but permanent and only a closer look could see them clearly. She sure had covered them with creams but they were obvious and very visible. They were bigger and larger ones on her back, he saw them as she ran out of the room. Gosh, that was wickedness and whoever did that,didnt deserve to live.
He decided to go and meet her, at least she would be expecting him because he would wanna satisfy his curiosity, everyone would do same. He needed to hear more, he needed to know more. He knew he shouldn’t get involved as all of this would end tomorrow and he would go his own way, but he couldn’t let it slide, not ever. He pushed his way through the door and forced to see the way to other rooms through the glimness of the place. After two failed tries, he finally heard her sob behind one of the closed doors and hesitated at the entrance before knocking. “Go away please, I can’t see you right now” She called from within. “Katie listen to me, you need me right now, you need someone to calm you, to listen to you, I am here” Oh crap, he wasn’t good at consoling nor was he at convincing, he never knew what he was lacking until now. “Katie, m not good at this but…..” He was interrupted by the creaking of the door as it opened and Katie’s pale face showed. She had transformed so quickly and she looked more gorgeous, even at her condition. More beautiful than sexy right now. “Thank you” he said as he walked inside the almost empty room. Well she just arrived and haven’t started unpacking he guessed. He wasn’t concerned about that though.
She went to the bed and sat down while he sat at the edge, afraid to go any closer or he might do anything to hurt her which he didn’t want. He waited, he didn’t want to press or force her. For the first time he was patient, oh well, things were happening to him that he didn’t even understand.
“My parents died when i was twelve” She started after sometime, ooops, that was bad enough. He didn’t say anything because he knew she didn’t need his comment, so he’d better listened. “It was horrible, I had no one, I was the only child. Throughout my twelve years on earth, I never saw any of my relatives, I didn’t know them, wasn’t familiar with any of them. Then one morning, a lady came to our house and asked me to pack my bags, with some members of the social services. I had no option but to follow, she called herself my aunt, my mother’s sister. I left everything about this town and followed her to the city.” She paused as if the story had ended. Fred could see the sadness of her eyes as she gathered her words inside. “She had a family, no husband, but two grown sons and one daughter. They were nice at first, they didn’t make me feel the absence of my parents, gave me everything I ever wanted. Then one night, I was in my room, meant to be sleeping but I couldn’t, thought I saw my mum talk to me so I stayed awake waiting for her to come back but laid on my bed. Just then the door opened, I didn’t wanna stand up to see who it was, I was meant to be sleeping so I pretended I was. Maybe the person came to check up on me. But I ddnt hear he or she leave, instead I felt the person come closer and closer to me, and then sat on my bed. Just then, I opened my eyes and sat up to see who it was. It was my cousin, Wayne was his name, he was nineteen then. I asked what he wanted but he just told me to shut up as he came closer to me and started touching me in places I haven’t been touched before by a guy.” Tears rolled down her eyes, Fred saw her sob quietly and his head turned red. He was vexed, angry, he wanted to tear apart the so called son of a bitch that did this. He held himself, went closer to sit beside her, gently, not wanting to hurt her, he held her hand and encouraged her to continue. “I tried to scream but he threatened me, saying he would make his sister suffer, Helena was her name, she was the closest to me, I loved her, she was just a year older than me and I took her as a sister for the few months I had lived with them. I could do anything to protect her. He listed the things he could do to us at the absense of my aunt. I was so scared, my gosh I was just twelve, didn’t know what to do. I started crying as he continued touching me, he did all sorts of things to me and finally he…..he, gosh he raped me. He was so huge and too big for me to take in that I bled. He broke my virginity that day and I couldn’t help but cry all night long. I cried hell out and couldn’t tell anyone.” And she cried now too, she placed her head on his shoulders and cried hard. “Katie, if u wanna stop….”, she shook her head. ” No, no, its okay.” She said after wiping some of her tears away.
“I thought that was all until he came the next day and did the same, and the day after. It became a daily ritual and he would only stop for a week before he continued for months. I couldn’t tell my aunt nor anyone, he could make our lives hell as he was in charge. The day I tried to fight him, was when he gave me scars, he was too strong for me, he whipped me hard, on my sensitive parts that I was too weak even to stand up. That was when I told Helena, she was as vulnerable to her brother as I was, she felt pity for me and wanted to tell her mother but to keep both of us safe, I had to tell her not to. He continued that way till I was fifteen. Then he left our house to school abroad. That’s all.” She said. Fred knew that wasn’t all, he knew she was still hiding something, and his fear was that it was something dangerous, there was more to this and he wanted to find out. He felt a sense of belonging to this girl and he was bent on giving her freedom from her trauma. He wanted to give her a life, and if he couldn’t make her forget what had happened, he sure was gonna make her think of it as a blessing instead of suffering. Something told him his life was gonna take another turn and he could do nothing to stop it. He knew all wasn’t going to end in just one night and he could sense Katie knew too. What the hell had he gotten himself into? Things were never gonna be the same. How he wished he had just let the girl go when she had hit his car, he was too rich to make a girl repair a car for him. Just because he didn’t wanna have a boring night, he got himself into something, something that he was sure was gonna change his life. If he had just let her go, he would av been sleeping peacefully in his house, preparing to start his daily activities in the morning. But it wasn’t going to be like that, hell it wasn’t. He wanted to know more about this girl, he wanted to find out his reasons for being attracted to her and for feeling a sense of belonging to her. He should stop, like hell he should, but God help him he couldn’t, he just couldn’t, a challenge was waiting for him and he intended on taking it, he would.
He noticed Katie was already sleeping on his shoulders and he gently laid her down on the bed and covered her with the blanket. He slipped carefully out of the room and to his, where he laid on his bed, thinking. He had to know more.

stay tuned for more Next Week Wednesday

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