The Stupid Thief Story…

Last time he came, Mother was away, at the bank probably.
Her two kids were in school.
He made away with the half bag of rice in the home, a packet of maggi and some other ingredients along with the DVD player.

This thief looked for all the houses in the vicinity to act this drama on and ended up picking this one!
An abode that a sane thief would desist from!

The fence was falling, unpainted and obviously old.
The house was old with faded paint and cracks on the wall.
The compound? Hmmm, It was untouched – no cement, no marble, no concrete, just sand.

Around the compound, you would hear noises of hens and goats,
You would also see plantains planted around in various corners.

Outside the compound were farmlands and bushes, where the birds displayed their wonderful spree of music.

He came this time and practically told everyone that he isn’t a thief,
He told everyone that he is rather sick and with mental challenges,
Or should I say?
He is battling with a curse from somewhere?

So he came this time,
Again Mother was away,
And the two kids had gone to school.
He surely flies in through the short fence.
He walked in and took the five cups of rice which Mother had preserved for next tomorrow – Wednesday – alongside few ingredients in the home.

No ooh!
That isn’t all!

He walked to the kitchen,
And took the roasted meat by the fire stand.

No No No! The fool wasn’t done!

After this, he went to the pot of soup,
He opened it and took the pieces of meat – the sizable ones – there and ate.
Can you sense abnormality here?!

Then he decided to leave,
But unfortunately, he was too sick to leave without displaying the height of his abnormality!
The sick fool blessed the abode before he flew the fence for departure!
Right on the ground in the backyard and in the compound, just beside the fence,
The fool comfortably threw a dung before leaving!

Even if you want to be stupid, there’s a toilet, just at that backyard,
A toilet that is always open!
That is neat 100%!
Even too neat for your casted and cursed ass to use!

So I’m giving this fool my latest,

You’d better make sure and pray not to cross paths with me,
Because if I happen to find you out,
Hold me to my word!

You see that mouth you used to eat that meat?!
It will(literally) EAT the PEPPER that was used to season that meat.

And that anus that brought out that messy dung?!
It will(literally) FEAST on the PEPPER, HOT OIL and FIRE that made that meat as tender and delicious as it tasted in your gutter-like mouth!

I am CSO.
I am merely pouring out my heart, decisions and ideas.


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