16 year old gives story of how she was gang raped for 4 days

Emotions ran high at an Ikeja Magistrates’ court yesterday, following an account by a 16-year-old girl of how she was abducted and gang raped by some men for four days, in an undisclosed area of Lagos.

Source: bestnaira.com

41-yr-old bus driver rapes 78-yr-old woman in Lagos

In her statement before the court the victim said: “I was sent to mammy market to buy pepper by my aunty. On my way, I saw two guys that l did not know from anywhere.

“They called me but I did not answer. They came and met me, held my hands and put me in a tricycle. Immediately my body changed and I started feeling somehow.

“Before I could realise what happened, I found myself in a room but I did not know the place.

“ But all I remembered when I woke up was that I was down on the bed and blood was all over my body. I looked around and saw two guys. Later, two other guys came in and anytime I got up to go, they would not allow me.

“Instead they put something like white powder in my mouth and I fell asleep again. At times they put tablet inside coke for me to drink.

“So I was very weak and I could not do anything. They were all having sex with me for the four days I spent with them.

“In the night they held my hand and we walked for a while before returning me back to the room,” she added

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