Chapter 5

Run! Run!! Run!!! Was all that she could think of at that moment, she could do nothing but run as fast as she could, away from everything, away from her sufferings, away from what she had had to put up with for a long time. She ran through the woods and deeper down the end of the streets about to link up with the Avenue. Her eyes went to Helena who was still at the back, panting heavily and calling to her to wait. Helena was no good athlete and she slowed Katie down a lot. They had stopped up to five times till they started running so she could catch her breath. “Kate wait pls, my leg hurts” Katie heard her cry out, she stopped immediately and went back to her. She was more scared than ever, Wayne was behind them, he’d soon reach ’em. They had come this far by running away from the house, going back there would worsen the whole thing. “Show me”, fifteen year old Katie held her cousin as she lifted her right foot up. ” Oh my God, you are bleeding ” Katie exclaimed. “I can’t run any longer Kate, run fast and go, so he wont catch ‘ya” Helena said. “Hell nah, ain’t going no where without you Helen” and she meant it, they had come this far together, there was no way in the world she would leave her alone. “You have to go Kate! He is coming” Helena insisted. Katie thought for a while and lifted Helena up to her back dreading what would happen to them if they were caught. There would be a whole lot of sexual harassment for her and lots and lots of marks on her body. They had to get away from there fast, away from everything. She could start her life somewhere, anywhere apart from the Jeffersons’ residence, her aunt’s house. She could achieve her goals, she could dream again as she had three years ago, things would be better once they got out of there. As Katie took a step forward with Helena on her back, she saw the figure standing above her, what she had dreaded for, her nightmare, the worst of them. She looked up to see the huge Wayne looking down at her. “So where do you think you are going baby doll” He said just as he brought out a whip from no where, took Helena away from her and whipped her bad. “Please, leave me alone please, i’m begging you, don’t hurt me anymore, I haven’t done anything wrong, please, leave me please” She screamed.
Katie jerked up to a start from her bed, she had just had one of her dreams again. She noticed she was sweating as memories of her past flew back to her. Damn she was tired of her past still hunting her, she was fed up. She tried to remember where she was and how she got there. Oh, Danpa, in Tess’ residence. She looked at her surroundings and forgot almost everything that happened the night before. She needed to shower and refresh her memory. It was 9am, she woke up unusually late today. She thought as she slipped herself into the chillness of the shower. She stayed in there for a while before rubbing soap on her creamy skin, rubbing her breasts slowly, she noticed they ached. She went down to her thighs and let out a cry of pain, what had happened. Then she remembered, she felt a masculine mouth suck her breasts and a hard finger press through her pussy. She had been with a man last night. Fred, oh goodness, Fred. Where was he? She was meant to repair his car this morning. She washed herself and got out of the bath tub, cleaned and opened one of her unpacked bags to bring out a dress to wear, she slipped into the flay gown she found first and rushed out to the sitting room, it was empty. She gathered her breath and walked to the room he was meant to be, she knocked quietly and when she heard no reply, she opened and entered. “Fred, Fred!! Fred!!!, where the hell are you” She looked everywhere but he was no where to be found. Not even a letter or message of some sort, he left already. She couldn’t believe she shared part of her experiences with this kind of guy, she couldn’t even believe she was attracted to him for anything. He left. The night was a waste after all. She didn’t know why his leaving affected her so much. Maybe she had expected him to wait, to care for her. To at least stay with her. But no, she had hoped too much.
Just then she heard the doorbell ring. Oops, maybe she was wrong after all, here he was, maybe he just went to get something. She rushed to the door and opened it. “Fr….” She stopped immediately as she saw who it was, it was Tess, her friend. Oh gosh, how had she forgotten about her. She must have looked disappointed because Tess looked at her carefully before saying, “Hey babes, expecting someone else?” She was teasing actually because to her, Katie was new and didn’t know anyone and here, it was abnormal for a stranger to pass the night unlike the city. “Oh no, who could I possibly be expecting if not this magnificent beauty standing in front of me.” She tried to fake a smile as Tess smiled too. “Gosh, look how beautiful you have become” she didn’t lie about that though, Tess sure looked more beautiful than she had two years ago. She was sexier and prettier. “Look who is talking, Katie I can’t believe this is you, you are looking gorgeous” Tess exclaimed as she entered into the sitting room followed by Katie after closing the door. How could she be gorgeous in her condition. Last night and all, she should be looking pale. “Babes i’m sorry for not being here to welcome you yesterday, I hope you didn’t have any problem coming here” Oh yes she did, Fred was her problem. She couldn’t get her mind off him and she couldn’t help wondering where he was and why he left without saying a word. “Oh no” she waved her hand “its nothing, I had a great night” she said. “Oh you did?” Katie quickly realized her mistake and made up for it. “Huh, I mean, the food and all, your apartment too, this is really beautiful and large” She smiled as she hugged Tess tightly. She was proud of her friend, “Thanks babe” Tess said as she sat down. Katie went to the kitchen to get a chilled drink for the both of them. She came back shortly to meet Tess. “Oh why don’t we top it with some delicious pizza, they sell the best in the town just the next street, lemme go get it” Tess said and tried standing up. Katie pushed her down, “oh no sweetheart, you just arrived and I have been here since, lemme go get it and then you can gist me about your date” Katie smiled. “Oh, ain’t you the sweetest” Tess said as she pecked Katie. “Will be back” Katie said and went out of the apartment to the elevator which took her down to the down floor. She followed the description Tess gave her when she got on the street. The pizza shop wasn’t hard to find, she found it fast. She bought what she wanted to buy, paid with her credit card and left the shop.
She was just on her way back when a car stopped in front of her, almost hitting her leg. She was vexed and was gathering insulting words in her mouth when the driver came out of the car. Oh well, look who it was, Fred. Was he stalking her now after leaving without any message? “What do you want?” She demanded. “You ma’am, I want only you” he replied. He had changed his car, this car wasn’t the one she damaged. And he was looking different, more handsome and more masculine, he looked like a perfect rich guy. “What do you mean” she asked scared her body might start trembling. Everything about this guy weakened her. He walked up to her just as her heart started beating fast. “You ma’am, i’m asking you out on a date. Would you go out with me for dinner tonight princess?” He smiled at her. Katie was speechless, not because of the wrong timing or the awkward way of asking, but because she didn’t know the reply to give. He was asking her on a date? “Why the face Your Highness, I ain’t gonna bite you, nor will I eat you, i’m human and you are safe with me” He continued. Katie smiled, she wouldn’t show how affected she was with him, she wasn’t ready to. It was a challenge and she was willing to prove that he had no effect whatsoever on her. “Yes” she said firmly. “Very well ma’am, a car would be waiting at your apartment at exactly 8pm, don’t be late” He winked and walked back to his car and drove off leaving Katie in the middle of the streets. Hmmmm, things were about to get interesting, very interesting, she thought as she walked back to the residence.

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