A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Hints That The Night King Only Wants To Kill One Person In Season 8: By Josh Kurp

Vladimir Furdik has played the Night King on Game of Thrones since season six (he took over the role from Richard Brake, who left for undisclosed reasons). Since then, he’s appeared in many of the show’s most memorable episodes, including “The Door” and “Eastwatch.” The actor doesn’t give many interviews — especially not after he revealed something he probably shouldn’t have — but Furdik spoke to Entertainment Weekly about his role in the final season (it’s big!), and whether he gets recognized by Game of Thrones fans (he does!).
“Not often. Sometimes. Many people ask me: ‘Can you please kill Jon Snow?’ It’s very interesting,” he said. “Sometimes I watch YouTube reactions after the season airs. Fifty percent of people love the Night King and 50 percent of people hate him.” Furdik, who was Blake’s stunt performer before replacing him (“The first time Jon Snow killed a White Walker, that was me”), also teased that in season eight, the Night King has one target he wants to kill, “and you will find out who that is.” Hate to break it to you, buddy, but Ser Pounce is already dead.

Kyle Brandt
I want the Night King to win GoT. Screw it. He’s been most dedicated, patient.
Final shot is him sitting on the Iron Throne, whole thing ices over and turns blue. Would be wild.

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