By Laura

Why did he do it? Why exactly did he do it? He hit his hand on the steering for the hundreth time. Why did he ask her out on a date. She wasn’t even his type, why was he stalking her? Why couldn’t he just let go?. Fred thought as he drove to the clinic where his father was being treated. He was scared, that’s the problem. He was scared he might lose his guard with her, he was scared she was gonna get to him and that was why he left early, without waking her up, intending on forgetting everything as if it never happened. But he couldn’t, he stalked her the whole day, saw her go to the shop and he didn’t know what came over him that he asked her out. He wanted to prove that he wasn’t scared of her getting to him, he wanted to prove he was not affected and she was just like every other female he had come across, that’s it. Yes! And he was gonna do just that.
He must admit, he had never felt drawn to a girl before as with Katie, she affected him so much and that was the cause of his fear. He didn’t want to think so much about a girl the way he was right now, he wanted to end everything with this date. He would overcome his fear by getting closer and not being affected. He was willing to try. She was just like other girls, nothing special. He concluded just as he entered the compound of the hospital and straight to the park. He got down and went to the apartment he bought specially for his father. What a pity that upon all the riches and wealth, a woman made everything useless for his father, they deserved to be stoned. He thought as he approached his father, lying helplessly on the bed as usual, not even able to sit down, he saw a nurse besides him and walked to her. “Any improvement?” He asked. Even when he knew no improvement would take place any time soon, he kept asking every time he went there. The nurse, probably used to him just shook her head and left.
Fred sat down on the couch beside his father and tears ran down his eyes. When will he ever get out of this condition. For years now, he had been like this, since he was nineteen. How cruel it was for a lady to do this to him. He cried hard, this man was the only person he loved in his whole life, he was still living for this man, he was still strong for him. How he wished he could help his father. Why should it be him? This man was the nicest man on earth, he didn’t deserve this, not at all.
“Kid” Fred wiped his tears away as his father turned his face to him. “Dad” he smiled and held his hand. “Crying again kid?” Cameron smiled too. Fred looked at his surroundings, he was so used to the clinic, the smell, the drip, the bed, the table right by the door, the wardrobe containing his father’s luggages, the room was more like a residence than an hospital. He gave his attention back to his father, he was looking so lean and sickly but neat anyway, Fred was paying a whole lot for cleanliness and all, he expected nothing less. His hair was well combed, his body spray intact, Cameron looked just like someone taking a rest but for years without getting up. ” No dad, i’m just happy to see you” he replied “You say that everyday yet you come here to see me every time” Cameron chuckled. Fred smiled, “because i’m always glad when i’m with you”. Cameron looked at him closely as if sensing something from him. He was observant, Fred would give him that. ” Who is she?” The question strucked Fred like lightening, was it so obvious? He feigned ignorance ” Who?” Cameron smiled. “The girl who got your attention kid” Oh well, his father knew him well, more than anyone, he wasn’t surprised. He remembered always sharing his daily experience with him. He visited him everyday and they talked and talked. When he had his first sex, his father knew and they joked a lot about it. Cameron had always been more of a friend and companion than a father. He was the closest thing to his heart. “Not important father, I don’t intend on pushing through” he replied. “But you have fallen already” Cameron pushed. “Said I don’t intend to let it grow, I don’t want to dad” Fred was insistent. “Kid its high time you settled down, I want a pretty hot lady coming to visit me here instead of some creepy middle aged nurses” Fred smiled at that, his father was one hell of a person. He touched his face, still in his fifties, Cameron looked seventy, the sickness made him age fast and Fred couldn’t help but imagine how handsome his father had been. He got his looks from him and when he was in his teens, he had always wished he would grow to become handsome like his father. “I’m not ready father and with the way things are going, I don’t think I’ll ever be. You are my wife, you are my responsibility, I don’t need any more of Nessa in our lives” Fred said bitterly. “Not every female is like your mother, not every lady is like Nessa, you need to know that.” Cameron looked at Fred with his golden eyes, well Fred’s were blue, he got that from his mother which he hated. He despised everything about her and he wished he had been the one to kill her instead of some so-called driver. “I know dad, but I don’t give a fuck, you should know that by now”
“Kid it was my mistake, you shouldn’t make the same one. Your mother was a bitch, but I made her that” Cameron touched Fred’s hand on his face. “No way, none of this was your fault, you did nothing, your only mistake was falling in love with the wrong woman, and its the only mistake I will never make” Fred told him “Then find the right woman” Fred stood up abruptly, getting pissed already. “There is no right woman dad, no woman is right, no one dad, you should get that. I should get going” He concluded, kissed his father on his forehead and walked out of the room and down to his car.
His mind went back to that day, that horrible day when everything started, when their problems began to unfold, when things started to fall apart. Nessa, his mother had brought home a man, Fred remembered how he looked. He would never forget. Tall, muscular, handsome, with a permanent wicked grin on his face. She had introduced him to Cameron and himself as her husband. Damn, her fucking husband. How could that even be possible. Didn’t she think about him, didn’t she ever think about her only son or her husband who sacrificed his whole life just to achieve her goals, ignoring his. No, she threw all of that and ruined them. Made them useless and worthless. He was glad she was dead, if not, God knew what he would have done to her.
He wiped a tear that dropped on his face as he entered his car. He wouldn’t let anything affect him at the moment. No he wouldn’t. It was his past, and he hoped it never came back to hunt him. Besides, he’s got a date to prepare for. He needed to get going.

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