BREAKING: Trump designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as TERRORISTS

Trump has just made a move that is sure to upset the Mullah’s in Iran, officially designating their Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp as a foreign terrorist organization:

BREAKING: Trump: US designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps a “foreign terrorist organization” in new effort to pressure Tehran.
— The Associated Press (@AP) April 8, 2019

Trump designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a ‘foreign terrorist organization’
— Fox News Alert (@foxnewsalert) April 8, 2019

Ted Cruz quickly responded to the news lauding the president for making such a move:

“I applaud President Trump and his administration for taking the long overdue step of designating Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. I have called on subsequent administrations to acknowledge this basic fact, and in 2015 and 2017 I introduced legislation that would have written it into U.S. code. Today’s announcement should be followed by additional measures to do exactly that, as well as to hold the IRGC accountable for the full range of its additional malign and sanctionable activities, including ballistic missile proliferation, participating in Iran’s drive for nuclear weapons, the war in Yemen, human rights atrocities, bolstering the murderous Assad regime in Syria, and financing Hezbollah.”
The first half of Trump’s presidency revolved around the phony Iran nuclear deal that gave Iran billions of dollars, which Trump nixed last year.

Now he’s gone a step further with this new terrorism designation, which makes perfect sense and should have been done by previous presidents.

The only thing left now is to officially designate Obama as a terrorist enabler for his phony Iran deal that enabled the IRGC. LOL, I kid. Maybe.


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