My joys had no bound when Yusuf helped me secured a home lesson job at the Olarenwaju’s home. I was so glad to teach in such a big and beautiful house. Mr Olarenwaju was the richest man in our area and that prompted me the more to work for him.Yusuf had said a lot about me to Mr Olarenwaju and that made him eager to employ me. The first time I met Mr Olarenwaju was the day I knew the person he truly was. He was a retired army officer and his wife, Mrs Olarenwaju, was a police-woman. I was to teach their three daughters. Subomi was in Jss2, Sola was in basic 6 while Sade was in basic 2. To shorten it, the daughters were referred to as ‘S square’.

Mr Olarenwaju introduced me to everybody in his house including their cook and gate-keeper. Due to the fact that I knew how rich he was, I charged him the lesson fees exorbitantly and he promised to pay in as much as I render my service.
When I got home that day, I was joyous to the extent that I couldn’t sleep nor eat. I cut off other home-lessons I was doing with the aim at focussing on Olarenwaju’s family alone.
For God so good, I started the lesson the following day. I was to go there by 2pm but I got there around 1:30pm.
Mr Olarenwaju gave me some rules which I must compromise with before working for him. These rules were;
(1)You are to take each of them seven subjects including English and Mathematics.
(2)You must cover their syllabus in three weeks time.
(3)You must not go home until the children say they are tired.
(4)You must not leave any question in any subject unsolved or unanswered.
(5)If you don’t come to lesson for any irrelevant reason your money will be deducted.
(6)You must not come along with your phones or friends.
(7)You must come to lesson everyday except Sunday.
Those were the rules Mr Olarenwaju gave to me. At first, I wanted to quit the job but the money he was to pay me kept on entering my eyes.At last, I agreed to work for him.

The three daughters of Mr Olarenwaju were not enterprising at all.They were rude, recalcitrant, outspoken careless, insulting and any other bad-adjective that can be used to describe spoilt rich children. They would talk to me as if I was their class mate. They also asked unreasonable questions which sometimes, provoked me.
The two days I taught in Olarenwajus house was boring for me. More than five times in a day, I always thought of quitting the lesson but my eyes didn’t compromise with my heart.
On the fifth day, I went to the lesson as usual. I was teaching them English when Subomi the first born and the first daughter raised her hand. I knew she wanted to ask unreasonable question then I told her “shut up!”. Instantly, she returned my word to me. She said “Uncle you too shut up!”. I was astounded. My adrenalin hormone rose. At first, I wanted to give her a punch but I controlled myself and I turned the punch into two hot slaps. She was surprised because none of her lesson teacher had ever tried that with her before. She stood up, yelled at me and then went upstairs and started crying. I tried all in my capacity to beg her but she didn’t listen instead, she continued crying . The cook and the gate-keeper also begged her but all the pleas went on the back of her ears.

As we were still begging her, we heard pee! pee! pee! Mr Olarenwaju had come. Subomi continued to cry vociferously. Her left cheek had become swollen. I was terrified. I stood from where I sat and started contemplating. The clause “What will happen” kept on coming into my mind. Mr Olarenwaju drove inside the house and came out of the car. He looked at everybody’s faces and then, ran upstairs.
Story Continues;

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