Episode Two

Nervously, I sat ruminatinig what the next scene would be. A lot of things came into my mind. At first, I thought about the fact that Subomi might have framed lies for her father. I thought about the fact that Mr Olarenwaju was a retired fierced soldier who did not tolerete nonsense.

As I was still contemplating these fearful thoughts, Sola broke into my reverie. “Uncle! Uncle!” she called. “what happened?” i snapped. “I am very hungry, I haven’t eaten anything since morning and i can see you are very busy. Call me when you are done” she said and left immediately. I was trying to call her back when I heard foot steps echoing vehemently from the stairs. My mind told me to run for my feeble life but I couldn’t. Beside the gates, were two tall, ugly and hungry looking dogs. The dogs had so much wanted to bite me. They never liked me and they barked and licked their mouths aptly anytime they saw me. It would be a golden opportunity for them, if Mr olarenwaju loosed them for me.

The foot steps drew closer to my hearings. I knew Mr Olarenwaju was coming and I quickly comported myself. Subomi came out first. I was surprised to see her. She looked altered like someone who was beaten by a boxer. I smiled sheepishly, thinking that her father had beaten her the more. I never knew my observation was wrong until when Mr Olarenwaju came out. “I never knew you were a trained boxer” Mr Olarenwaju said angrily. “I never punched her sir! I only gave her slaps sir.” I said quivering in seclusion. “Mr man, I only have few questions to ask you and I want you to answer me directly.” Mr Olarenwaju was taking the matter to the extreme. I had never heard him speak in such a callous baritone voice before. I wanted to frown but I knew that would only worsen the matter. “Did you punch her yes or no?” asked Mr Olarenwaju.” I didn’t punch her sir! I only gave her two faint slaps. Sola and Sade are witnesses sir! Please sir! Let them shed light to the matter. I said pleadingly. “Aunty Subomi wanted to ask question, but uncle immediately gave her blows and slaps on her face” said Sade, the last daughter. Sade was the one I hated most among the girls. She always looked for my flaws. She was so happy to go against me. She had once told me she would do anything to stop me from continuing teaching them. Indeed, her plans were being materialized. With lots of arguments and evidences, Mr Olarenwaju was convinced that I had given Subomi punches: his lovely daughter. He held my collar and lifted me up. My legs were swinging like someone who had fever coupled with a lethal malaria. I tried to free myself in nothingness as I remembered my latest poem; AGONY TIME. He threw me down and I banged my head on the glass table where i taught; blood gushed out. I reluctantly stood up and said “Sir! I am not interested in teaching your children again. Don’t bother to pay me for the ones I have done. Please sir! Let go of me. I hate all this nonsense!” Immediately i said those words, Mr Olarenwaju screamed and ran upstairs like someone who was pursued my a ferocious lion. He told the gate keeper to let loose of the dogs then I…
Episode continues!

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