Opeyemi writes; Episode One

My step father made me sleep with my three younger sisters, Aishat, Bola and Ewatomi who were five, seven and ten years old respectively. My mother was a petty trader and a workaholic woman who sold food stuff in a market very far from the house we lived. Needful to say, she was not always at home; only my step father, my sisters and I that were always left to see the dawn and dust of the day. Perhaps, my step father did pretend as if he was capable of taking care of us whenever my mother was at sight. He never did any work than to collect money from my mother forcefully and spent them on gambling.

The first time I slept with my immediate sibling, Ewatomi, I felt as if a curse was enchanted on me. Everybody knew I wouldn’t do it intentionally, but I was forced and beaten. My step father had naked Ewatomi and told me to sleep on her. I was just twelve but well aware of what the repercussion might be, if I rebuked. Ewatomi was very beautiful and she kept her virginity well. I had always protected her from men because I never wanted her to get into a wrong hand and the fact that I took my sister’s virginity was something that befuddled my life every time I reminisced. When I slept on Ewatomi, I could see her crying and quivering bitterly. All my step father had always made me do to her was fingering and today he had requested sex. I had no choice than to do it: he could kill me at once if I tried to hinder his pleasure of staring.

Throughout the whole scenario, Ewatomi cried and bled profusely on her private part; she was deflowered. When I finished with her, my step father told me,’ good boy, I am sure it feels good, didn’t it?’ I didn’t answer as I assisted Ewatomi up and took her to the bathroom for clean up. In that same way, I took Aishat’s and Bola’s virginities by fingering because they were too small to be penetrated. I knew my sisters would never forgive me whenever they recount the experience but a man overwhelmed with fear will hardly say ‘no’ to the ‘yes’. We dare not tell our mother, she wouldn’t listen; we were so even scared of our step father’s menace. We couldn’t not even confide in our neighbours because we had no close buddy ones. On Sundays when mummy was to be around, she would be sleeping all day after the church service and if at all she needed a company that of our step father pleased her. A day came, Ewatomi and I decided to seek justice ourselves. We couldn’t allow the man to go unscathed, unpunished. That day, my step father had told us to prepare Pap for him that he wished to drink it. We knew his favorite dessert was Pap so we prepared it so deliciously. We had been able to get a venomous leaf that secreted paroxysmal eruptive deranging poison. If one tasted that leaf one would begin to die swiftly, if care was hardly taken. If a small child takes it, it could lead to its death! Then we put the poisonous water of the leaf into his pap and mixed it together. We took it to him. We waited in expectancy for him to eat and die! Just die and go to hell but that old man never ate it. He continued to laze waiting for it to get cooler. When it got cool, he drew it closer to himself, he wanted to take the first spoon when he heard Aishat crying. Aishat was crying because she was bleeding! She was still suffering from the vagina damage she got of recent, and the bleeding had been so continual.

When my step father saw Aishat would not stop crying unless she was placated with something, he annoyingly pushed the Pap to her and said, ‘Drink the pap stupid girl and shut off your dirty mouth! Drink it and stop crying!’ Aishat encircled the Pap greedily. Well fit to swallow it. My eyes darted to Ewatimo’s side in fear! Aishat shrugged her little tiny sunken shoulders towards me and said,’. Ehn Ehn begi begi.’ She blew the first spoon again

and it was sure….
Episode continues!

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