LOVE HAPPENS chapter 7

Chapter 7

Excitement flooded through her mind as Tess helped her to select the cloth to wear for the date. It wasn’t her first time going on a date but this was different, this man was different. And she wasn’t going to the date for romance but for a challenge. She was still the strong woman she always was and she intended on proving that tonight. “You came yesterday and you already have a date, isn’t this superb” Tess’ voice brought her back to the presence of her room. The room wasn’t empty anymore, Tess has helped her unpack stuffs, everything was very beautiful. From the gorgeous bed with black and white bedsheets to the white neat wardrobe that stood opposite it. Katie was glad the bed was by the window where she could easily see the view of the street. There weren’t much houses in the town like in the city, instead, beautiful views of the riverside, the woods on her left view. The surrounding was filled with green grass just like a feild and a beautiful garden was just opposite her window. She remembered vividly her childhood days when she was living like an island princess, her mother would always take her for a walk every morning where she would see other children doing the same thing. Those days when she dreamt of becoming like her mother, of finding true love, of having her kids and of bring a spectacular mom. But everything got away that very night when those two men in black invaded her home and killed her parents.
“Surprising isn’t it?” Katie said as she walked down to the mirror right beside her bed on the other side and pushed a comb through her blonde hair. She was a blonde, yeah. But she wasn’t a beautiful blonde. Some said she was too thin to be sexy. She was bursty, the only thing that brought guys to her and her hips were carved just fit for her body. Her legs were too long but they were beautiful, not sexy. She took time taking care of herself than anything, she still had the dream of becoming like her mother even if all other dreams were lost. “I was just meant to repair his car, it led to all of this” Tess came to her and hugged her from the back. “Oh ain’t you a lucky one” How she wished she was. Katie smiled back at her. “Don’t misunderstand me, its not a romantic dare, there is nothing special bout it” Katie told her. “Romantic or not, its still a date sweetheart and you need it. You need to take a break from work”
Oh she can’t, Katie thought, she hasn’t achieved her goal of being an independent woman. She came to Danpa to complete her house, she was going to own a house, she had a car and she was working towards having her own business. She was going to be an independent woman and she would be inferior to no one. “Tess I don’t need to. Its all I need, besides i’m not really good at relationship stuffs, you should know” Tess finally helped her to select a black gown. “Oh, isn’t that too shiny, you know I hate flashy things” Katie warned. Tess sighed. She knew it was difficult to select a cloth for Katie. Her choice of what to wear has always been different from other girls’. “No its not, its the twentieth cloth you are rejecting, if you continue this way, you’d be late for your date with him” Tess told her as she brought out a nice blue slim-fitted gown with designed embroidery, white petals with a big white rosebud on the left breast. It was gorgeous and Katie remembered being given as a gift on her last birthday by Tony lorrel, her last boyfriend. She hadn’t worn it for once as it brought back memories of how things ended between them. Tony never believed anything she said, there was a time he thought her insane, anyone she got close to thought she was insane at a stage, except Tess of course, the only person who understood her trauma and still stood by her. She looked at the table clock on the cosmetics table under her mirror, it was past seven. “You know why I can’t wear that Tess” Katie looked at the cloth disgustingly. “Are u angry at the cloth or yourself? You can’t continue to pour your anger on the cloth for the past seven months now. It’s got nothing to do with Tony” Tess told her and started to remove the cloth from the hanger. Katie used to tell Tess about Tony whom she thought she loved through their regular phone call, they could talk about him for long, Katie had high hopes for him and hoped he wouldn’t be like her other boyfriends but he was no different.
“Dress up fast and let me do your make-up, you need to look extremely beautiful tonight.” Tess smiled as she helped Katie wear her gown. “Oh goodness Tess, told ya i’m not going to impress anyone, its just a challenge between us” katie told her so she wouldn’t get her hopes up. “Well I hope you lose” Tess chuckled. “Shut up Tess, you know I never lose” Tess helped her with her make-up and also styled her hair. She found a befitting silver heels for her with a silver shaw that she wrapped around her body, by the time they were done, it was past eight, the receptionist had called that a car was waiting for her, just as Fred had said. “Goodluck baby” Tess pecked her as she took her silver purse and went to the elevator. She was looking attractive but not beautiful, every girl on make-up would and her worst regret was not being stunning or beautiful. Tess had styled her hair for her, she had applied her usual perfume. She made sure she wasn’t too glamourous so as not to seem too excited about the date which she in fact was.
She saw the car and the chauffeur and recognised them out of the cars, it was an expensive car and only a guy like Fred could own it, not those living in the 12-storied apartment. She greeted the chauffeur and entered. He drove off. Many thing clouded her mind on how the night would be, her thought went back to last night when they had been intimate, it was nothing official and they followed their nerves. But this was official and planned. She pondered on how it was going to end. The car finally stopped at an eatery, more like an hotel. It was huge and large. Well, she didn’t expect less. It must have been new because when she was still here, she never heard of Begger Hills. Suspense embraced her then, what would Fred think of her when he saw her, would he think her ugly?? Well, she wouldn’t be surprised. She was about asking the chauffeur where to go to when she felt him before seeing him. She looked to the direction of the entrance and there he was, standing with a broad smile on his face, he approached her. Katie didn’t know why her heart was beating fast, waiting for his comment. Why did his opinion matter anyway?. He was looking more handsome tonight and casual. She had expected him to be one of those guys who wore official suits and all, but he was different. He wore a tailored trousers with a matching turtle-necked top, his hair was styled obviously by a stylist and his shoes weren’t from the country by the look of it. “My Lady, shall we proceed?” He asked and gestured for her to lead the way which she in fact did. He hadn’t complimented her, maybe he thought her ugly after all. She had told herself she wouldn’t be surprised yet it hurt her. She wanted to impress him.
They got to a table and a waitress was already waiting for them, it was an enclosed area from the other public tables. Fred must have booked it. He brought out a chair for her and she had her sit with Fred opposite her. She tried to force her gaze off his face and figure but she couldn’t. He could be called beautiful if it wasn’t so girlish. “You are welcome ma’am. Oops and before we order, I want to introduce you to my friend and partner, Tony Lorrel” Fred said just as a man came from the back room to their table. Katie stood up immediately, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Tony! Gosh why Tony, what the hell was he doing here anyway? Was her ex-boyfriend going to have dinner with them. Holy crap, what kind of punishment is this. Her past together with the fear she wanna overcome, dining with her. That was so unfair. Tony came forward and took her hand as she gave it, then kissed it. He was still the same as he had been months ago, he was still handsome and stunning but not compared to the man beside him. “Katie Laurens” She tried for a fake smile as they all settled down. Then memories of her break up with Tony and the reasons why started to rush through her head, she could never forget how it started that night.

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