Young teenager kills friend over #200

The Ogun state police command has arrested a 19-year-old apprentice welder in the Agbado area of the state, Kehinde Adeoye for the murder of his friend, Lukman Olawunmi(left), aged 17.

Reports have it that Kehinde and Lukman who were friends for many years and both learning how to make cans at different shops, had issues following an umbrella repair shop from Lukman to his friend Kehinde who knew how to fix Umbrellas.

A man had come to Lukman’s shop to fix his umbrella and the latter had taken it to Kehinde to fix and was billed N200 which Lukman paid with a promise from Kehinde to come pick up the umbrella the next day.

Lukman went to his friend’s shop the next day to pick up the Umbrella as promised but was surprised when he got there and found out that Kehinde had not fixed it.

An argument broke out between them which in no time degenerated into a fight. Kehinde then allegedly slapped Lukman with a ‘mysterious ring’, causing Lukman to slump. He was taken to the hospital immediately where he was certified dead on arrival.

The matter was immediately reported at the Agbado Police Statio. Kehinde was picked up by the police but denied slapping his friend with a ring saying he only retaliated after Lukman slapped him.

The case will be charged to court immediately investigations is concluded.

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