Sharia court strips girl of €500,000 inheritance becaise she’s not Muslim

DUBAI has reportedly stripped a British teenager of £500,000 inheritance from her late dad – after a Sharia court was told she is a Christian.
source : buzzfeed

Paris Shahravesh Muslim Christian
TRAGIC: The teen lost her dad and is now fighting for her inheritance (Pic: Steve Bainbridge)

“The Sharia court has made the ruling on the basis of her not being a Muslim.”

Leleh Shahravesh

Paris Shahravesh, 14, had been set to inherit the cash after her dad – who left her mum for a young woman from Dubai – sadly passed away.

But now the cash could go to her dad’s second wife Samah Al Hammadi, who is a Muslim, due to a form of Sharia applied in Dubai, MailOnline reports.

Al Hammadi also recently landed her mum Laleh Shahravesh in jail after reporting her to cops.

Her mum made the news when she was locked up in a Dubai for calling Samah a “horse” on Facebook.

She was facing two years behind bars for the comments before being freed following a public outcry .

Leleh, 55, is insisting her daughter is, in fact, a follower of Islam, MailOnline reports.

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