British photographer gushes over Wizkid

A British female photographer recently took to social media to gush over popular Nigerian singer Wizkid after her pleasant encounter with him at a music festival.

Source : NAIJA news

The lady identified as @Kymages narrated her experience with the superstar musician on photo sharing app, Instagram.

According to her, after she managed to take a photograph of Wizkid, she tripped and fell against a concrete wall, thereby leaving her with a bruised elbow and knee.

The special turn in her story, however, occurred when the celebrity star stopped to check on her and even went as far as helping her back to her feet.

Gushing over Wizkid’s show of kindness, the lady said: “Literally seconds after I took this shot I tripped n fell on some concrete thing that holds up the fence♀️I hit the deck big time! Camera was ok, but elbow and knee bruised. But what was special that Wizkid stopped to check if I was ok and helped me to my feet Like a knight in shining armour @wizkidayo you are a true star ⭐️ A genuine person and my hero Just wanted to say thank you for picking me up

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