” I have no regrets killing him”angry husband replies.

Disaster struck in Niger state after an aggrieved husband killed his neighbor after the latter kept making advances at his wife.

The 21-year-old man, Umar Audu, has been arrested by men of the Niger state police command for allegedly killing his neighbour Abubakar Mohammadu of the Fulani Camp, Wawa village in New-Bussa, Borgu Local Government Area of the state, for making advances at his wife, Hassan Audu.

According to police sources, trouble started when Audu’s wife, Hassan, complained to him that Mohammed who is a neighbor and resides in their compound, was asking her to have sex with him despite the fact that he knows she is married. Audu confronted Mohammed and warned him several times to leave his wife alone.

Things came to a halt recently when Audu attacked Mohammed with a machete, inflicting deep cuts on his head which led to his death.

When interrogated, Audu says he doesn’t regret killing Mohammed.

“I don’t regret killing him because Mohammadu decided to die like a chicken. In his next life, he will not make advances to married women. I am ready to bear the consequences. Let the law take its course. I am fulfilled that Mohammadu will never see my wife again, Allah will judge him.” Audu said

Audu is currently in police custody and will be charged to court soon.

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