The day started like any other,I woke up,got dress,and walked to school. I walked to my locker and put my books inside,that’s when I heard a familiar voice call my name.It was my friend Addison,she waved at me as she walked closer.”Hey did you see the new kid?”she asked,I looked at her confused.I was about to ask her a question,when Jessica the school bully and her friends coming our way.I started to panic and tried to act normal,they passed me and walked up to Addison.”Hi,Addy.”Jessica said,she always gave everyone nicknames.Jessica continued,”Do you happen to have a extra dollar on you?”Addison looked at Jessica annoyed,she grabbed my hand and we walked away to our class.We sat in our chairs and waited for Ms.Eleanor to walk into the classroom,the bell rung as Ms.Eleanor walked in the classroom.”Good morning,everyone.”she said as we all said good morning to her.”Today is a exciting day,we have a new student coming to our class.Everyone meet Noah Dawson.”Then a boy,with a black hair,a red shirt and blue denim jeans walked inside the classroom.When I looked at Noah my heart pounded,it felt as if it might just come out of my chest.My hands were covered in sweat,and my face felt hot.Then Ms.Eleanor told Noah to sit next to me,I blushed and laid my head the desk to avoid seeing his face.The day passed quickly,and it was already time to leave.I walked to my locker to grab my textbooks,Addison had already left to go home,so I had to go alone.As I took by textbooks out of my locker,a familiar voice came from behind me.I turned to see Jessica and her friends looking at me,I tried to get away quickly,but one of her friends blocked my path.”Excuse,me but your in my way.”I said bravely trying to walk away,Jessica laughed at what I said as if it sounded amusing.”Sorry,but your friend didn’t give us our money.So you will have to pay for her instead.”she said,I looked at her and said,”I’m sorry,but I don’t have any money.”She looked at me seriously.”Well if you don’t have money,then let me have that pretty diamond necklace.”I grabbed my diamond necklace protectively and shouted,”No,this is my grandmother’s!”Jessica reached out her hand,and tried to grab my necklace.She was about the grab my necklace,when we heard a voice come from behind us.”Leave her alone.”,we all looked to see Noah standing there,seriously.Jessica and her friends looked at him annoyed,”We were just hanging out with our friend here.”she said with a fake smile on her face.Noah looked at her doubtfully and asked me if they were my friends,I blushed and said said no.He looked at Jessica and her friends and said,”If you don’t leave her alone then I will have to get the principal.”they looked at him nervously and walked away,as they left he smiled at me.”Your welcome.”he said as he opened his locker and grabbed his textbooks too.I blushed and said thank you,then he walked me to my house,as we walked and we made each other laugh.”Would it be ok,if we hang out sometime?”he asked as we stopped in the front of my house.”Sure,anytime.”I said smiling at him…

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