She was looking at the glamorous flowers in the school garden. A boy from the same class as hers, noticed her and kept looking at her as she plucked a baby breath. She turned, caught a glimpse of him, and ran away blushing. She had had feelings for him ever since the start of their middle school, but always felt reluctant to confess them. One day to her surprise, he asked her to meet him tomorrow at the schoolyard. She came early and stood there for an hour until the school bell rang, but he never showed up. Days later, their instructor told them that Aaran was diagnosed with a rare disease and was getting treatment overseas, nobody knew the exact location though. This news struck her like lightning and left a void in her heart. She always used to wonder why Aaran wanted to meet her that day.
Years passed by, she studied hard and got a scholarship to study overseas. She still had feelings for him and hoped that she might get to see him again.
As she was walking in a garden full of wonders, she caught a glimpse of someone and instinctively ran after him. When she finally caught up, a shiver ran down her spine. It was him. The same man whom she was in love with all this time. That man recognized her, how could he not, he wanted to say I love you to her that day but didn’t get the chance and now that fate had brought them together again, without wasting a single moment.
He said, “I Love you, I’ve always had, ever since the day I first saw you with those baby’s breath.”
She gave a shriek of cry and said, “Me too.”
Drops of water started to fall, it was raining. The garden where they were, the flowers, the baby’s-breath bloomed. It was almost as if a scene from a dream. Nothing more, nothing less than a beautiful view. Without saying another word they just looked at each other smiling.
This time, they both plucked a baby breath.

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