Life of a shy guy: FINALLY SPOKE TO HER by Laina

The sky was sapphire blue as the clouds passed over the blinding ball of fire in the sky. He gazed out the window at the barren patch of brown plants and flowers that were once vibrant the year before. The wind was blowing through the empty yard, swaying the tire swing as it rushed through the trees.


This word is what had been circling his mind for the past year. Ever since the timer of life stopped running he has never been the same. Images of her face, with sunk in eyes, flashed in his mind. He could still feel her hand in his and feel the love pouring from her soul like tears. There was no cure for cancer, all that was left was to make the most of the time they had.

Last year…
Her bright green eyes were full of love as he got down on one knee. They had been married for fifty years, and the love never left her eyes. He wanted to surprise her with a trip to renew their wedding vows for her seventy-fifth birthday. She had always talked about doing it, but they never got the chance. He loved her with his mind, body, and soul.

From the first day they were married, she always had a vibrant flower garden. It was a perfect mix of dainty and extravagant. The white flowers and the colorful ones blended so well; it was aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They would go out together and plant all of the plants every spring, rake every fall. Their hearts swell with love and pride when they see the finished product. As time goes on people get older, this lead to her health plummeting. He was so busy taking care of her that the garden slowly became swallowed by weeds.

She fell ill from what they thought was the flu. It had been a month and she was getting worse rapidly. Finally, she allowed herself to go to the doctor; she waited so long because she already knew what it was. She was hoping for a chance that she was wrong, but she was right. As soon as she got there she was put straight into testing.

It had been three hours of awkward silence in the exam room; her husband of fifty years was there the whole time holding her hand. She was about to ruin him the news she knew before the doctors. Finally, the silence was broken by the door slowly opening.

His point of view…
He said it, the words I never wanted to hear. “The cancer is too advanced, there is nothing we can do to help. The only thing we are able to do is to make her as comfortable as we can.” She refused to stay in the hospital for the rest of her life, she said she had to be home. So home we went. Have you ever watched someone die in front of you and you know there is nothing you can do? That is what I felt. I watch the love of my life perish before my own eyes. Her condition got worse daily. Until there was one day that she was almost completely normal; like she had never had cancer. I wish I would have known that was her last day. There is so much more I would have said other than I love you more than anything, I’ll see you in the morning my love. I would have shown her how much she meant to me, tell her how she changed me. I would have given any and everything just to tell her those things. Now I must wait until we meet again.

The sky was sapphire blue as the clouds passed over the blinding ball of fire in the sky. He gazed out the window at the barren patch of brown plants and flowers that were once vibrant the year before. Every day he told himself that he will replant everything, but the pain is still too raw. He stands in the window for what seems like an eternity before grabbing a rake from the garage. His hand held the handle tightly and stared at the barren patch of brown plants. After a while, he slowly picked up the rake and began to clean and pull weeds. After a long day, he went back to his window; he grabbed a chair and sat down.

I finally spoke to her, I left some flowers. I thought the garden could use them

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