It was morning 6:00 AM, David’s phone were alarmed, he shut down his alarm and he continued his sleep, Mom waked him up and said “David, get up its 7:30, time to go for a College” and then he woke up and he saw the time it’s just 7 and he slept again and he waked up at started to go for a college, David left home at 8:00 AM, and he reached his college at 8:45 AM, the class were started at 8:30, Sir were started to scold David for coming late to the class and let him to come inside to attend the class, Sir knows David very well as he were travelling from home to college by 16kms of drive; David were so shy and innocent, but when he is comfortable with them, he’ll be the craziest person ever in his friend’s gang, though he is rich but he does not show his richness to anyone; He love to have friends, He’ll take care of his friends a lot, some people started to avoiding him thinking that he’s fake, but some people love his caring nature and his Attitude, innocence they’re still being friends with him. As David were Studying 3rd year in a College, David were working as a Photographer in Media Team in his college, so if any events were conducting, many people will call him to take coverage of that event or anyone else.
One day, David class were got over, he’ll always carry headsets for listening songs and he sit on his department stone bench, and then he saw her, her name is Andrea, who she is junior to him and also she is a hosteller, when she see him she’ll say “Hi” and she waving her Hands to David; He thought she is other department girl, other department students also will comes to his department to take a class in it, so he thought she was other department girl and he’ll also wave his hand and he’ll say “Hi” to her, few days were gone like this; On February 18th David’s Department classmates were conducting an event; He got a call from them saying that “David, come to Auditorium, need some photographers to make a coverage”, so he went over there, Again he saw Andrea, she were laughing with their friends and seniors, While she smiling, her cute Dimple will appear, she looks like a homely girl, but she is from Town; Again she saw him and she is saying “Hi” again she waving her hand, then only he knew that she is from our Department, who she is 2nd Year, then he thought “How many times we’re going to say Hi to them, Let’s we talk “ and then he talked to her, she were so cute and fair and she’ll have tiny Moustache below her nose; he talked to her, his first question is “Are you Committed?”, she said that “All are asking the same Question, No I’m not” she said, Then David said “I don’t know what the reason they’re asking the question, I’m having a policy if a girl were got committed I won’t talk to them like this, Just I’ll say “Hi, Bye” to them that’s it, because if I talked to committed girls very much, if her Boyfriend were seen me, the fight will occur, that’s not the problem, but the girl were got affected at last and the break-up will occur in it , so that only I’m asking” he said, She said “That’s sweet, but no I’m not committed” she said, and then event participants crowd were came, he were started to take coverage, while he taking candid pictures of her, she looked at his camera and she’s started smiling at him, David told her that “Look somewhere else, I’m taking a candid pic” he said, she done what he said and the pic were good, And then David and Andrea were given their numbers each other and then they were started Chatting in WhatsApp; Andrea were staying in Hostel where is her home at out of the town
Next day, When David got up and he switched on the Mobile data of his phone, one pop-up notification came in WhatsApp at 6:00 AM, When he see that, the message were came from Andrea pinged “Good Morning (with smiling emoji)” and then he was smiled and replied to her “Good Morning Andrea” to her at 7:00 AM, and then he reached college at 9:00AM, heavy traffic were occurred in it, he reached his class at 9:10AM, sir asked him to come to class at 9:20AM, Andrea saw him that David is standing in the corridor away from his classroom; David were waited on to the corridor till next hour arrives, and next hour also himself, and then he came to class at 9:20AM at sharp, Sir told him that “David, I won’t put attendance on the first hour, I’ll put the attendance on this hour” he said, David said “OK sir, I’m Extremely sorry for this”, after that he were given his attendance on both hours, Andrea pinged David that “Why you were coming so late?” she said, He told that “Heavy Traffic Andrea, so unable to make to come college on time”. At first, Andrea will call David as ‘bro’ since she was junior to him, after they were got closed enough relation, she rejected the respect ‘bro’ to him.
After college David met her and we had a nice talk, Andrea were so comfortable with him, while she is speaking to him, she’ll tell about her family, he didn’t ask about that in it, So you think that how close we are, After the nice talk, he left college by 5 and he came home at 6:30pm, Mom said that “David, your snacks is ready, fresh up and have your snack”, After David were started to have a snack, he opened up WhatsApp, Andrea pinged him that “Reached Home?” he replied “Yes, Andrea I reached and just now I’m going to have snacks” and then we make phone calls about for 10-25mins, of random topics and then we will talk about the gossips etc.; David won’t meet Andrea often, they meet them very rarely, but they message on WhatsApp daily; One day David were speaking to Andrea on Phone, Suddenly David’s mom were came to his room and asked that “David, whom are you talking to?”, David said that “I’m talking to friend mom about project work why?” Mom said that “I’m going to order this dress David tell me how is it?”, David looked Mom’s phone and told that “This is good Mom”, go for this, Andrea is waiting on the call; After David’s mom left his room, David said “Sorry Andrea, Mom were came to my room”, Andrea said “It’s ok”, and Andrea asked “Your Mom loves shopping?” and David said “My mom is also a Shopping freak, she love to buy clothes”, Andrea said “Oh, that’s nice David, I’m also love to have shopping”
David asked “What are you doing?” Andrea said “I’m not feeling well, came to Bus Terminus to travel back to my home” David called Andrea immediately and asked “What Happened?”; Andrea said that “I don’t know David, last week I went for shopping with my Hostel-mates, after that we went to Ice cream parlour to have an ice-cream, that Ice-Cream is not satisfied my body it seems David”; “Ok Andrea, Take care”; Few Minutes later, David messaged her that “Boarded Bus Andrea?”; Andrea said “Yes, David just now I kept my bag at bus”; After that David had a talk with Andrea about 20 mins.
Next Day Morning 6am, David pinged her “Good Morning Andrea, Reached Home?”, Andrea said “Yes, I reached home David, Good Morning ”; David asked “How is your health, Andrea?”; Andrea said “I’m having an appointment to the doctor at 3:30 at afternoon” David asked “Ok Andrea, Take care class has started here” Andrea said “Ok David, Thanks carry on”; After class has been got overed, David messaged her at 4:30pm “What the doctor said Andrea?”, Andrea messaged “Doctor told that I’m having less Haemoglobin and low blood count” (with crying emoji); David were astonished and asked “Why are you crying Andrea?”; Andrea said “Doctor were put me an injection for Blood Test, I’m fear of Injection and then he bought me a Milky-Bar Chocolate” and then Andrea pinged his Milky-bar chocolate pic to him, David saw that pic and he were messaged “LOL (with laughing emoji)” then only David know that she is very childish girl and she is a Chocolate Lover and he asked “Do you Love Chocolates?” she said “Yes, I’m a lover of Kit-Kat, Milky-Bar” and he asked “I thought you like Dairy-Milk” she said that “I don’t like because it is too chocolaty” and also David also having a fear of Injection; Andrea to David that “Not to call me when I’m in home, Mom will start to scold me, you text me on WhatsApp” So David won’t call Andrea while she is at her home
After her health is cured and she came back to college; David can still remember that day March 12th, that time is his birthday, David friends were some of them will know that today is his birthday, that time not only my birthday but also it’s his Department Symposium on that day, Seniors were told that to wear Traditional outfit (Shirt and Dhoti), but the Inauguration is on evening at 3:30PM, Since David is a Day-Scholar, his friends were called him to bring DSLR Camera, He wore a Pinkish-Lavender Shirt which is David’s Dad Birthday Gift and then he wore Dhoti, and then he came to college at 8:45AM (as usual), David saw her she were on Decoration zone, and she was very busy in Texting, while she were saw him she said that “Nice Outfit” not only she everyone on the Department were told to him that, and then she doesn’t know today is David’s Birthday, and she doesn’t ask about that, we’ve installed a Photo-Booth at side of his Department, taking a pictures for free price to make people attraction to his Department; After she went to her hostel, David friends were started for Birthday Bumps to him that Facebook notified that “Today is David’s Birthday” after the beatings were got, he continued to take coverage of both Department Symposium Decoration and Photo-Booth.
At 3:30 PM, He can still Remember that time, that visual is coming in front of David’s eyes, she wore a Pinkish-Lavender saree of my same colour shirt that David wore and she came like an Angel wearing a Simple Necklace and Small Rose Flower at her pony-tail hair, he didn’t see like this Traditional girls before and also its very rare nowadays, He were surprised that she came to him and asked “How is it?”, and he said “It’s beautiful and looking gorgeous” she Thanked him (with her dimple smile), and then inauguration were gone and then he took some coverage of Symposium, after the inauguration were got overed, she asked me that “Shall we take a selfie?”, He told to her “Sure Andrea” and then she took selfie in Andrea’s mobile , and then David told her that I’m leaving, she asked “Why are you leaving so early?”, “Mom were called me several times to come home soon that’s why” David said, and she said “Ok, Bye”, After that he left college and he came home at 7:45pm and he were freshen up and he went to the temple; After he reached his home his school friends were came to his home to Celebrate his Birthday, and his birthday were celebrated happily, and Andrea were messaged David that “Reached Home?”, He replied her “Yeah Andrea, reached and celebrated”, and then she replied “What Celebrated?”, and then David sent his Birthday pics to Andrea, he thought that she know that his birthday is today, and then only realized that she don’t know today is his (David) birthday after David sent the pic, and he didn’t read the Andrea’s last message “What Celebrated?”, and then she called him next 2mins,
David: Hello
Andrea: Happy Birthday
David: Thank you so much Andrea
Andrea: Why you didn’t tell me that today is your Birthday?
David: You should ask this to me Andrea
Andrea: Yes, My Bad I’m Sorry, even my brother birthday also in March 29th
David: Oh! That’s Great, It’s okay Andrea, Leave it
Andrea: Ok, I’m giving you a gift from WhatsApp, take it
David: Ok Andrea, Wow! our selfie, this is my best gift on my birthday ever, Thanks Andrea
Andrea: You’re Welcome
David: Then, what are you doing?
Andrea: Going to have dinner at Mess, Had dinner?
David: Having dinner right now da, Here Biryani
Andrea: Here same Sambhar Rice
David: When is your Birthday Andrea?
Andrea: My Birthday is on July 7th
David: LOL, Ok da I’ll chat you later da, Bye
Andrea: Ok then bye
At night 10, Both of them (David and Andrea) continued their chat after dinner, and then he sent her a Candid-Portrait and Portrait pic of her in WhatsApp, she said “It’s Beautiful, did you edited this pic?” David replied “No, I won’t edit why?” she replied that “Many people give me pic with their edit, so that only I’ve been asked”, David said “If u want to edit the pic I’ll do Andrea”; “This pic itself so good to me Thanks” said Andrea; After few weeks later, His college Cultural Festival were started, since David is a Photographer, the Photographer team Head called us and they made a plan of coverage of various events; David has been got a Jackpot that he is going to cover the night main inauguration event of the cultural fest, mean time David were taking coverage on the Photo-Booth and other events also, David were so busy at that week, and then David opened his WhatsApp at 5:45pm and he saw that Andrea has been messaged her that “Where are you?, What are you doing?” David replied that “I’m Extremely sorry for the late reply Andrea, I were so busy on the cultural event photo coverage” Andrea said “Oh I’m sorry David I’ve been disturbed you seems to be?” David replied positively “Hey, Andrea not like that just leave it, I’m going to have snacks at Stall, do you want to come?” Andrea told that “Yeah, sure David Where are you?” David said that “I’m near to the Auditorium”, Andrea said that “Done, “I’m in hostel right now David, I’ll be there at 10-15 mins”, David said that “Ok Andrea, I’ll be waiting for u”, After that Andrea came to the stall within 10 minutes, and both Andrea and David was a 2nd meeting had a nice talk and they had a snack and they took many selfies at Photo-Booth;
After the cultural fest has been got overed, David were so busy of selecting and editing the pics to post on both Instagram and Facebook pages; and then Andrea messaged me that “What are you doing?” David answered that “Editing and selecting the Cultural fest photos to post on Social Media Pages Andrea, Why?” Andrea replied that “Ok then, carry on”; David told that “What sup?” Andrea told that “I’m suffering from Viral Fever (not feeling well emoji)”, David were Astonished and asked “Why? What happened?” Andrea said that “Hostel Day were Celebrated all are non veg items, I love to have but I’m feeling so dizzy at that time David”; David advised Andrea that “Leave the hostel immediately, and go to your hometown, being late can spread the pox” Andrea said that “Tomorrow I’m having a Doctor appointment at the Hospital at morning, so I go and confirm it and I’ll start travelling at night”; David were asked one of his relatives in his family who he is a doctor he said “Ask her to Vacate the hostel immediately and ask and ask her to go to her Hometown immediately” he said, David advised this to Andrea, but Andrea were became slight angry and she said that “I’m going tomorrow I told know why are you doing this David?” she said, David said that “Ok I’m sorry Andrea, you carry on, I just advised you, I’m sorry”, but David can’t sleep at that night.
Next day, David went to college as the class were got overed, he messaged her that “Did you see the Doctor, what he said Andrea?” Andrea replied that “Doctor were confirmed that it’s a Viral fever he told me to go to hometown and take rest” David said “See what I’ve told you only same as the doctor said Andrea”, Andrea said “Yes David, I’m sorry” and David replied “Not a Problem Andrea, when you going to start travel from college to Hometown?” “I’ll take night bus” Andrea said; David asked “Who is going to pick you up from college to Bus Terminus?” “My Nephew is going to pick me up from college and although he is also a doctor” said Andrea, David asked “Ok Andrea, did you informed to your mom that you’ve suffering from Viral Fever coming to the home in night bus?” “Yes and also my mom was so scared that I’ve suffered from Viral Fever” Andrea said; David asked “Who is going to pick you up to your home?” “My Dad and Brother were going to outstation for Business Purpose, I don’t know who’s going to pick me up” she said; David said that “While you reached home don’t touch your Tom, Andrea, Don’t turn healthy dog as Viral Dog” Andrea were laughed when she saw the message and she said “LOL, OK”; David were cared about Andrea’s health, but David can’t sleep at that night.
Andrea came to college after 2 weeks, at that 2 weeks her internal assessment and model Lab were got absent at that time Andrea were messaged David “Viral fever were cured David, I didn’t write the internal assessment for 3 subjects and 1 Lab exams, although I’m having very low attendance in it; What I’ve to do David?” David replied “Chill Andrea, At first you just get the Medical Certificate from the doctor that you’ve been suffered from Viral Fever from the date you were took leave till the date before coming to the college ready the medical certificate if you miss that medical certificate too tough for you and you can’t write the semester exams due to low attendance, so you keep it safe, next day you just get sign the medical Certificate to HOD of our department, and you show the teachers in which you going to write the re-internal assessment of it”; Although Andrea’s one of the classmates were written re-internal assessment, but she asked David for opinion; Andrea replied “OK David, I do what u said”; David asked “When you going to start from your Home to College?” Andrea said “I’ll start at Sunday night and I’ll come to college at Monday Morning and I’ll learn for the exams and I’ll write exam at Tuesday” David were got angry when he read that message what she replied, and David replied that “Don’t do stupid Andrea, you were cured from Viral Fever, so u start travel from Saturday night and come to college on Sunday, on that day take full rest, On Monday you start studying after you classes were got overed and you get sign from HOD of your Medical Certificate” Andrea accepted my reply
Next day (Monday) when David were came out of the department, he were waiting for his friends, and some of their friends were know that David were close relationship with Andrea at that time Andrea also came out of the Department, David were touched Andrea’s forehead that fever have been got cured, and then David called his friends said that he’s having work at Photography club; and then he had a talk with Andrea and both of them were went to Cafeteria, David has bought her Favourite Milky-Bar to her saying that “Successfully survived from Viral Fever”, Andrea laughed and she took the chocolate and , and then they started talking and chatting on WhatsApp; David asked “Does your roommate won’t kidding you that you’re talking to the senior boy for a long time?” Andrea said “OMG (with laughter) if you cut the call, they start to kidding me”; On Tuesday, David messaged to Andrea at morning saying “Hi, Good Morning” and Andrea also replied “Hi” and “Good Morning” further David didn’t message her till 4:45pm; David were also written re-internal assessment, he knows the timing mostly between 8am-4pm on any 3 hours she can write the 3 subjects of re-internal assessment, David thought
David doesn’t expect this going to happen, what is it?
David started to call Andrea at 4:45pm evening she cut the phone call and he pinged to Andrea that “Pick up the call”, she saw the message blue tick were appeared to him on his WhatsApp but no response, and David start kidding her that “I won’t call you or chat you unless you make it Andrea” message were sent and read, Andrea replied “Ok, Thanks (with Namaste emoji)”; David were Astonished while read that message and he said “Sorry Andrea, I was Just kidding”, no response were came; David also didn’t call or messaged Andrea.
At time of night 8:15pm, David were received a message from Andrea that “What is your problem David? just now I finished my internal assessment and now only I’m coming out of the department”; David were shocked at that moment, and he said to her that we’ll write exams on Morning between 8-4, David doesn’t know about that, but how Andrea has written the internal assessment and she came out of the department by night?”
David said “Sorry” to Andrea, and said that “I’ve also written the re-internal assessment, but not on night times, so I’m extremely sorry Andrea please”; and then Andrea were accepted David’s apologize.
Days have been past both Andrea and David had got Lab Semester and Theory Semester Time Table were plotted; David were started to continue Andrea’s Conversation on WhatsApp, but Andrea started to talking to David as a Stranger, Before that Andrea give a reply about 2-3 lines, but it’s dropped to 1 line and she’s started to talking like a stranger to her close friend David; but David were noticed her conversation to him and he didn’t care about that and he were continued her conversation like this about a week; When David were finished his Laboratory Semester exams, David were started to ask that Andrea that “Why are you not talking to me like before?” Andrea didn’t respond his message, after few minutes later, she started to reply to him that “I won’t talk to you like this, I will talk to others like this only”; David can’t understand Andrea’s response, and then David messaged her that “So, Here-after you won’t talk to me, right?”; Andrea replied “Yes, I won’t”; David were became angry and he messaged her that “Andrea, someone have been brainwashed you; so try to come over that”; Andrea were got angered David message and she didn’t response, David were got vexed that his last sent message and he messaged her that “I’m extremely sorry, Andrea”; but she didn’t response.
Few days later, March 31st (Saturday), I think you know whose birthday is; None-other Andrea’s Brother birthday, Andrea mostly won’t share their family and personal matter to anyone except his special ones, so, in that case David earned it, but he doesn’t know how long this relationship is going this to be; David woken up at Morning 6, and he started to call Andrea at 7:45
David: Hi Andrea
Andrea: Who is this? (yawning)
David: This is David, Andrea
Andrea: (Silence for 3 seconds) Tell
David: You told that today is your Brother’s Birthday, so Convey my wishes to him, Andrea
Andrea: Yeah, Sure Thanks.
After David went out with friends for Birthday party, at evening 6, David messaged Andrea as “Hi”; Andrea saw the message, but unexpectedly…………….
Andrea were Blocked David’s Number both on WhatsApp and Contact List, David saw Andrea’s WhatsApp profile picture were gone and he sent messages were no status were shown from her, David messaged her “What Happened?” this message were came one tick, and he closed his WhatsApp and he kept on the mobile data, David’s were getting his new messages from his friends, but not from Andrea, and then he started to call Andrea one ring were came after that voicemail occurred that “The subscriber you’re calling is busy at the moment”; David know some technical about on electronics and calls also, David were got slight thought that “Andrea is blocked my number”, but David know about her that she won’t do like that; Monday, Andrea were came out of the department with her friends before that she’ll come lonely (rarely), David were sitting on the Wi-Fi-hut , so David were started to call Andrea, one ring were came and then the same voicemail were occurred, Andrea were having True-Caller App and it’s notified that David have been called you and she were blocked that number; David were so heart-broken and he saw Andrea she were happy with her own-company.
After 2 weeks, David were busy on Project work, and he can’t forget their close relationship, and he told his close friend Tony about this fight but not her personal matters, his friends told that you just leave David she doesn’t deserve you; One day, at 1:15PM, we were waiting for our project guide to show the project work that we have discussed to them, sir told that he’ll come to department at 2:45PM, Meantime, David and Tony were went to Cafeteria for having some food, while having food, Tony saw Andrea and said to David that “David, Andrea is passing us don’t look her”, David done as per Tony said, Andrea saw David for few seconds, When David saw her she turned her head straight and she were gone; Tony said David that “Andrea saw you man, don’t worry everything is going to be fine”; after that project guide were came and he accept our project work and he were started to work the report of the project; At home, David can’t forget their friendship relationship between them.
Semester time were started, both of them were started to learn Semester exams, David can’t message her or call her because she were blocked him, Although David have struggle very hard to ignore that Broken friendship, to concentrate on studies; David exam is on Morning Session and Andrea exam is on Afternoon session; David was very kind and loyal and soft-hearted person he’ll never left his friends like this, David also had fight with many boys and girls, even if he done mistake itself, his friends won’t block him on WhatsApp like this; David also won’t block the person who he had fight with someone, because he know who done the mistake, if a person said sorry to David, that he had done wrong, David will said that “You’ve to buy me a food or drink at Canteen” and then only I forgive you, such kind hearted person is David, We don’t know why Andrea left such kind hearted person like David, we hope that Andrea will soon realize him and they’ll become friends again; Nowadays, it’s hard to find the Kind and Caring person in this world like David, even if you don’t know some topic he will teach the topic many times with no more hesitation; In this Situation David were done small mistake, but Andrea were thought it was a big mess, if she told the time correctly this problem won’t happened, David know that she is going to write the assessment, but he don’t know that when she’s going to write the assessment, David also didn’t ask about that on the day he texted to Andrea, since he were busy at Project, he forgotten it and he realized and he said “Sorry” to Andrea at that time itself in WhatsApp, but not in face-face; So Andrea is expecting in that way;
Last exam of the current Semester, David were written exam on morning session and he were waited for Andrea, to wish her to do the exam well, that day also Andrea’s last exam, Afternoon session exams starts at 2PM; Andrea came out of the hostel at 1:30 itself, while she coming out of the hostel, she came with her friend, and she saw David from the hostel gate itself, while Andrea were passing through David, she saw with her book to not to see him, David called Andrea, Andrea saw him, David told “All the Best” to Andrea, she said “Thanks” and she went to the exam, David were so satisfied and he were happy that Andrea is still replying to him, David were left the place and he went back to home; When he reached Home, David went to prayer hall and he prayed that “Make Andrea to do her exam well, and please reunion our friendship”; David were saw Andrea’s eyes that she is showing her Anger face outer, but she were so sad from her down to her heart.
Semester leave has been started, Andrea always call David or he will call Andrea when she boarded the bus, but this time David can’t call Andrea, as she were blocked his number on her contact list and WhatsApp and Andrea also went her hands on David’s contact on her phone, but she were refused him to call, David know about Andrea that she’ll always ready to go to her hometown by her bus on night travel when the leave arrives, Although, Semester leave came, their college have been granted leave for 2 months, Andrea left the hostel on the night itself, after she wrote the semester exam; David can’t forget their close friendship relationship with Andrea, David went for a walk on to the Market to buy a new mobile phone, in there he saw a Poster that “Moto G4 Plus – The fastest phone ever on your budget”; He were using a 3G handset, but he were like to buy a 4G Smartphone , so he bought that smartphone, and the salesperson said to David that “Sir, You’ve bought this smartphone, you’ll get free 4G Sim Card with 2GB unlimited data, he earned the free 4G sim card, and he were using both the 4G network on his New phone; David were made a first call on Andrea, he were named her as “Bestie” on to his contact List, so he called her; Andrea got a ring from him but it’s were unknown number and she were answered
David: Hi, Andrea
Andrea: Hi, who is this?
David: This is David, Andrea; How are you?
Andrea: (Became silent for 2mins), I came for In-plant Training in my brother’s working Company; I’ll call you back later.
David: Ok, Andrea, Sorry to disturb you, Bye……
David were waited for Andrea’s call, but he didn’t get call from her; On Sunday, David knew that, “All Companies will be holiday right now, Let’s we call and we convince her”; David called Andrea from his new number, First ring were came and the Voicemail were got occurred says that “The Subscriber you’ve dialled is currently busy at the moment”; Andrea were also blocked David’s new Number too..; David were so vexed and he were got another chance, What is it??????; David know some technical tips, so he downloaded “WhatsApp” app from Play Store and he were registered his new number and he were updated his contact list, in there he saw Andrea’s Contact while he entered the Messaging content, David saw her Last seen were 6:30PM, but the time is 7; so he started to text message that “Hi, Andrea, this is David, I’m extremely sorry (Crying emoji), I don’t know that you are going to write the exam on Night, while I’ve been writing Re-internal assessment, we will write it on Morning itself between 8-4; I’m extremely sorry Andrea please, I don’t want to lose this friendship like this, I’m waiting for your reply”; Andrea came to online at 7:45, she saw and read the David’s text, blue tick were came to David’s phone and unfortunately Andrea didn’t reply him and also she blocked that Number too………..
David were told to his school friends, David’s school friends know him very much since childhood, all were advised is to keep calm and be patient, and they were told to go for travelling and do Photography; David were accepted their friend’s advice; At night 8:45PM, David’s Mom were told him to come home, David went to his house and his father were said “David, we like to go for a Vacation to Dubai, pack your stuffs up, we are having flight on tomorrow at 8:45AM, so pack it up”; David mind were still running his friend’s advice “Keep Calm and be patient”.
Next Day, David’s Mom woke him up at 6:45AM, David didn’t pack up his stuffs, he packed up in 20Mins and he also carry his DSLR and his headsets to any place he explores or goes; Finally, he boarded the flight and he came to Dubai at 12PM. David spent the holidays happily, and he were take some shots and he were started to post on Social Media like FB, Instagram etc…; Andrea were told the problem to her friends to get some solution, all they were advised was “Why you’ve been blocked him for this silly reason?, Are you nuts?”; Some of them were advised that “Just leave it Andrea, he doesn’t deserve you” they said; David were said to his friends laughingly that “This is my Limited Edition Love life seems to be”, but he were so dying inside his heart, David friends were so sad about this.
Next Semester were started, David were changed, he started to wear spectacles due to his eye power, and he came back to his same happy and lone beast life; David won’t change his attitude for the people who left them for no reason; After the first day class were got over, David’s car were waiting at the back gate of the college, where he can go to his home with no traffic, while he is walking towards the back gate, he saw Andrea, she were happily smiling and talking to their classmates, Andrea’s friend saw David and said that “Andrea, your crush is coming”, Andrea saw David, David were also looked at her, Andrea were turned from her giggling face to normal smile when he passes her; When David saw her he were so shy to watch her, but he were so satisfied that she were happy and she were much more happier with her friends; Next Day, Its Andrea’s Birthday, At morning 5:45AM, Alarm were rang says that “Bestie’s Birthday”, then only he noticed that today is Andrea’s Birthday, David were woke up at 6AM, and he called her, that time also her Number were blocked, David were so heart-broken and he didn’t notice that; So David went to Shop and he bought her favourite Chocolate to the college, at the break-time, she came out of the department with beautiful dress, David were so admired her so much, but David were so shy because David were so shy to tell her sorry, David already said sorry to Andrea via Messaging, but she were responded him like a Stranger, and then David went to Cafeteria and he bought her a favourite chocolate and he went to Andrea and David said happily “Today, is your Birthday right?; Happy Birthday Andrea” she were hand shaken with him and she said “Thank You”(with Smiling face), but David were on his Masked Face (showing his smile on outer, and he were dying inside), and David didn’t give her the chocolate and he went, and he heard some that someone is calling “David”; but he didn’t noticed it and he went, He put a WhatsApp Status of Andrea’s Birthday and he were posted to one of her Andrea’s Classmate Privately
Days were passed, David had some busy work of taking coverage on Guest Lectures and Events etc……; Since David came to the Final Year of college, David would forget Andrea when he come out of the college, So David were going to experience the Last 365days of his college life; Some juniors boys and girls of his Department were became so close to David because of his Photography and Being Kind to everyone, David also being kind to Andrea, but unexpectedly she blocked because of the small mistake done by David; He knows that girls were so sensitive, because David also having an elder sister in her home, Whenever David fights with her, she’ll beat him or scold him to his Mom, after that they’ll reunite them; After few days, David’s senior birthday were came, David mostly share his problems with her only, Yes, she is a Girl, who she is 1yr elder than him, who she is passed out by the next week she’s going to join the MNC Company, so that she called me to come to near the department, so David and his friends were went to that place, David gifted her a collage pic of the birthday girl, and she gave a piece of cake were its named as “David” and she thanked him. And he wished her too…. after that David and his Senior girl were taking selfie and they’ve cut the main cake and we were celebrated, at the time while David were eating a cake, he saw Andrea, she was walking towards her Department, and she looked at him, and he also looked her, she showed her anger face to David, but he was so satisfied that Andrea saw him with some tensed or angered face to him, David were so happy on that day.
After few weeks, David were waited at Cafeteria and he were waited for Andrea to say sorry to her, it’s been 4 months since she blocked David, when Andrea came to outside of her hostel, David noticed Andrea that she were came with anxiety, Although he went to Andrea, and he called her and she said “Please leave me, I’ve to go to the class”, David didn’t do her anything, he didn’t grabbed her hand or anything, David said to Sarah that “I’m sorry for that incident, Andrea”, Andrea told that “I’m not having any anger on you, I’m stuck with another problem, so leave me alone” she said, but David didn’t asked about that he just left her, David knows that her brother’s love story is going on, so David thought that her brother’s love story have been leaked on her home, so that to safe-guard her she might blocked me or something were got interrupted, David thought.
Next day, David were completed his assessment and he came down from his exam hall, and there he saw Andrea, she were happy and laughed with her friends, and she were smiled at him, David noticed that and he were also smiled at her, he were always come to college with ear pods to listen music, Yes, David loves music and pets, but some of the David’s hidden talents won’t show it anyone until he were successful on that, David attitude hate some people, because his attitude is based on “How people treat him”, if someone treat him badly, he will also treat them badly; One day when David were posting his photography pics on Instagram, a message were came on his Instagram, who is a girl, David accepted his messaging request, and asked “Who is this?”, Hi! This is Diya, I’m also studying this college, I’ve saw your photography, your photography were simply superb, David replied positively “Thank you, Diya”, and she asked that “Would you take coverage on coming Saturday at Auditorium, David were accepted her coverage request and he said “Yeah, sure I do cover; by the way you just tell this information on Media Team of our college, they’ll arrange reporters and photographers; After that David went to the Auditorium and took coverage and he met Diya, he maintained his friendship relationship not as closed as Andrea’s relationship, because he were unable to forget her; he’ll be caring to everyone those who respect him nicely so that he’s getting a good friendship; After few days, David were matured, whenever David saw Andrea, he won’t talk to her, he just give a smile and he’ll ignored it.
Few days later, David class were got over so he came out of the department and he is sat on the Department Stone bench; 10 mins later, Andrea came out of the department with her friends, When David saw the entrance of the department, Andrea were saw David at that time, David were so shocked were Andrea looked him, David’s heartbeat pumping a lot; Andrea were so happy were David looked her, After few mins, Michael went to Andrea and he were talked to her, David saw both of them were talking each other, Andrea and her some friends were started to watch David that “What he is doing?”,
When David saw that inside he were so possessive, but outside he were so very calm; David is very expert to be calm and silent at any tough situation; David were pinned Andrea’s contact on his WhatsApp, thinking that she’ll unblock and text her back, whenever David misses her he’ll open his gallery and he see their selfies taken; One day, an app were became so popular worldwide, in which u can give anonymous feedback to the person, who have created that account in that and they’ve to share the link; David installed that app and he registered and the link were created in it, and he shared his link to his WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram; he got many anonymous response of his photography, calmness etc…., One feedback were came says that “I’m sorry for avoiding you, Please talk with me, I miss you, Your department, Your junior Girl”, while David saw this response and got surprised, David’s mind strikes that this feedback should have written by Andrea, but this feedback came anonymously, so David can’t make sure that she’ve written in it, So David posted this to his friend who she is friend since Childhood (in school days) her name is Sandra, David were also told this problem to Sandra, David shares everything to Sandra, Sandra also shares everything to him; David shares this post to her and asked
David: Who will be Sandra?
Sandra: Definitely it’s Andrea, David
David: She’ve blocked me on WhatsApp and she were not in Facebook, then how?
Sandra: Is she on Instagram???
David: Yup
Sandra: Did you post that link on your bio????
David: Yeah, Sandra I’ve been forgotten this, but this response came from anonymous dude, can’t make sure that she’ve written it know???
Sandra: Yeah, that’s a point David, Better she is expecting you to say sorry dude, just go and tell
David: Look Sandra, I’ve been already told to you that I’ve been said sorry for 3 times dude; twice on WhatsApp, once on One-One, she’ve been avoided me dude, again if I say sorry to her, I will lose my self-respect, and she might it take it as an Advantage
Sandra: That’s right David, then wait for it until she says sorry to you, maintain this patience like you do so. David posted that anonymous feedback on WhatsApp, he changed his status privacy from “My Contacts” to “Only Contacts with” he selected few contacts who are all classmates of Andrea, and he pinged on to the status that “Ping me (with smiling emoji)” and he posted it; No response came, so he left as it is,
After that David didn’t spoke to Andrea for past 5 months, Whenever David class were got over, he’ll go to Cafeteria and he’ll chat with his friends, but Andrea started to notice David, what he is doing without me, like this were going every-day; One day, Michael ,he were friend with Andrea since she is in 1st year itself, but she won’t have much conversation like David to him, Michael and David, both of them were came out of the department, and he met Andrea, David came along with him and he went to Cafeteria; Few Days Later, Michael were came to David and asked “What is your problem with Andrea, David?”, David were slightly shocked and he smiled and said “Nothing man, we’re just friends?”; He told to David that “One day, I met Andrea and I asked her why are you not talking to David, Andrea?”, she were got angered and she said “Chuck him, Shall we talk any-other topic”, He were so shocked and he asked “Why? What happened Andrea?” he said, she said to him that it was a big twist, what is it?????????????; She said to him that “David was not approaching to me properly; He were daily messaging and torturing me”, while hearing this David were so heart-broken, and he said to his classmate as “All are lies man, I didn’t torture and I know how to approach a girl nicely”, and David got a mild doubt and he asked to him that “Does she said this or you telling to me like this?”, he were so shocked and he said “Dude, I told what she said, that’s it”, David asked him that “You tell her know, he won’t do such things like that to anyone”, and then he said “How do I trust you?”
Few Days later, David to her friend Diya about this, Diya were so shocked and she said “How dare can she say like this?; then why the hell she were so kind to you and both of them had a good relationship?”, Diya told to David that “Chuck her dude, she is not worth for it, she is making a scene”, After that Diya saw Andrea going lonely to her hostel, and she said to David that “David don’t look back”, David were doubted her and he asked “Why dude?”, After she crossed him Diya asked David to look back she were walking lonely to hostel and she were busy on chatting; Diya told to David that “I just go and call Andrea, David”, David were so shocked and he told “Please Diya NO, just leave it”, Diya told to him “Just wait”; Diya called Andrea, and she were talking to her, and she were pulled her to David, David were so shocked, she were came with her cute dimple smile, David were so happy on one-side and other side he were become shy, While Andrea came to him, and they were started to talk
Andrea: Hi
David: Hi, how are you?
Andrea: I’m fine
David: Why are you started to avoid me and you were blocked me, what did I done to you???
Andrea: I’m not Avoiding you, I’m learning for higher studies, so that only I blocked you.
David: Ok, you block me or not, that’s your wish, but why are you telling bad about me?; Do I approaching you badly?; Do I always messaging you and I’m torturing you?, you messaging to me and also I’m also replying to you, this is called Humanity, not torture; How I’m approaching to you like that only I’m approaching to them, they didn’t say anything about me.
Andrea: Ok, I’ll unblock you today
After Andrea went and David came to a decision and she said to Diya that “Dude, she is not giving a reason, do you noticed that?”, Diya said “Yes, David I already told you to chuck her, but you only holding that tightly”, David made a decision that he never going to see and talk her, but David can’t able to forget the memories; On that day evening, Andrea unblocked David on WhatsApp, but David didn’t message it, her dp and status story were not shown in it, One day David’s college were conducted a Short Film Contest, his friend were participated in it, so he sent his video link via WhatsApp to David and he asked to like and share the video, and he also said that to see the Short Film, David were started to send the video link to his class group and some friends and then he forwarded to Andrea; Andrea got a message from David on WhatsApp, she saw the message and then he messaged her “There???” she didn’t saw the message, After few minutes she blocked again. David were felt so heart-broken.
After few days, David always go to Cafeteria, for having some snacks, Andrea goes on the way where the hostel in it, she always goes to her hostel with her own company, While Andrea passing through the Cafeteria, Andrea started to stare David, Diya were came to David and she saw Andrea, Diya noticed from past few days that Andrea is staring to David, On the next day, Diya pinged David to come at Cafeteria, I want to meet you, David went to Cafeteria and she saw Diya and they started to talk
Diya: Hi David!!!!
David: Hi Diya, Why did you pinged me???, Is there any problem????
Diya: Yes Dude, Did you noticed one thing????
David: About what???
Diya: Just wait………..Yeah, Now you see
David started to see the people, Andrea were came towards Cafeteria, David were started to take a look on casual, he noticed that Andrea were started to see him, he were so cherished.
Diya: Did you see that????
David: (Surprisingly) Diya, what the heck is going on?, she were started to avoid me some sort of it, and now she is seeing me
Diya: Do you know one thing, How many days are going like this???
David: Days!!!, How many days, dude?????
Diya: It’s been around 30 days, on my sight
David: What???? 30 days, I didn’t notice it man
On the next day onwards, David were started to notice Andrea that she is staring him or not; like this were gone for a month.
After that, David were so happy that he were got an opportunity Intra-college cultural programs of night main event of photography coverage, he were went so busy in it for 3 days and he were so happy on one side, but on the other side, he were so doubted that she won’t tell like this to anyone, David knew much about her, because while in Relationship, Andrea tell her family problems to David, so which means she’s having a trust and crush on her, That’s the reason; David cared her so much, but why Andrea suddenly started to avoid David without giving any solid reason????, and also why she want to stare the ignored person onto the college?????, Something Mysterious…………………….
After the Intra-Cultural event were successfully completed, everyone on the Media Team were started to cheer David for a nice and good coverage in it; On the next day, David were class were got overed and he came down to the department and he sat on the bench, after few minutes Andrea came out of the department and she went to Michael, and she gave something to him, David don’t know what it is, so he left it as it is, and then also Andrea started to stare him for a minute; Michael always treat Andrea like giving works to do, like giving his observation & Record to his friends to do so, he won’t his work on by own, When Michael is on 1st year of college he were loved a girl called Shirley, he were cared her much, but she doesn’t like his attitude, like he be so rude when someone is started to kidding him, One day Shirley were started to kidding him for his funny haircut he were became calm and he turn to rude and he slapped on Shirley’s face, and she were started to ignore him, and also he were quite bit selfish, and also Michael started to have friendship with Andrea while she were on 1st year itself, and then he had a crush on her, but she didn’t tell her family problems/secrets to him, When he were gone to propose her, before that one boy from other department went to her and he were proposed, but Andrea said that “I’m not interested in Love”, when Michael heard about it, he started to treat her as a friend, Michael were started to talk to Andrea and then they became friends, but in David’s tale it’s not, Andrea will come to him and she’ll talk to her, and then they became friends; One day, Michael saw that David and Andrea were both of them were took selfies on her phone and they went for a walk till her hostel; While Michael saw this he were became so angry, but he doesn’t show it; One day David were started to talk with Andrea in front of Michael, after the chat was done, David came to class and also Michael, and then Michael asked “What David dude?, became busy seems to be?, you’re not respecting me and all?”, at that time David doesn’t understand that on what way he is meaning to him and he answered laughingly “Hey Michael, I’m respecting everyone man, you’re not only respecting me dude”, and then Michael were became quite selfish and he said “Be Careful and Take Care, dude”, at that time David doesn’t understand what he were trying to say, but David now only he understood that, he had a crush on her, but she didn’t had a crush on Michael.
So, David were got a slight doubt that, Michael were told about wrong about him and she were told to Andrea, so Andrea doesn’t justify it, so she blindly started to avoid David, because while David were started to talk to Andrea on that day, she told that “I’m studying for Higher studies” and then David asked him to her “Ok, Michael were told me that, I’m not approaching you properly, and I’m daily texting and torturing you?, Is It true Andrea, Did I done like that to you?”, but she didn’t answer about that, she can’t answer that because David didn’t show some shitty things to her, she knows that David doesn’t done anything like that; So someone were Brain-washed her to break the relationship between David and Andrea, David had a slight doubt on Michael; One day David were 50% confirmed that Michael were Brainwashed Andrea, How did David found that?????????????????????
Before David started to speak to Andrea privately, David were pinged Michael that “Does she said like that dude, that I’m not approaching her properly, and I’m daily messaging and I’m torturing her???” Michael replied that “Yes, man she told me like that only dude”; David pinged him that “You won’t tell about me man, that I’m not that kind of person”, Michael replied David that were given a massive shock, he replied to David that “How can I trust you man, I won’t let my friends like this”, if Michael’s gang any person have this problem with Andrea, he’ll definitely tell to Andrea to not to leave him.
On the day of Farewell of David’s batch, everyone given their momento and they were spoke their experience of their college life, and many of David’s classmates were started to share their experience with David that “He’s very kind-hearted, won’t hurt anyone, Teacher’s pet, Creative Mind-set person, Extra-ordinary photographer, Official Photographer of our college, silent and innocent person”, and then David were called for next talk everyone were started to whistle and screamed as “Handsome hunk” “Photographer” “The Silent and Kind-hearted Beast” etc…; David were shared his experience and he shared Andrea’s Relationship experience, but he generalizes it, and he told his juniors not to hurt others, be open-minded, open-hearted, don’t play with some-other feelings, it may occurs you at the right time, but it may harm as worse as possible;
After the Farewell Day was overed, Some of the people were started to cry for leaving the department as a last day of it, but there is magical one is occurred in it, What is it???????, Andrea called David, David went to Andrea and then they talked
David: Hi Andrea, You called me???
Andrea: Yes, David
David: Yeah, Watsup???
Andrea: (Emotionally) I’m sorry for avoiding you David, I’m gonna miss you so much David, I love to talk with you David, but when I come to talk to you, you’ll get disturbed so that’s why David
David: Hey Andrea are you nuts???, I’m also got disturbed because you’re not talking to me, How many times I’ve talked to you???, Just think about it
Andrea: Yeah David, that’s what my mistake is,
David: (Happily)Its okay Andrea, chuck it
Andrea: Shall we take a selfie, David one last selfie?
David: Sure, Andrea come let’s take a selfie
Andrea: Ok David, have a great future, I do send you this on WhatsApp
David: OMG, WhatsApp I don’t want to get fooled twice Andrea from you, its ok, have it with you
Andrea: Hey I’m extremely sorry for that, I do ping you and I send the pic to you
David: That’s your wish
After that Andrea unblocked David and they reunited but David maintained some limit in it, because he got fooled once from her, so he doesn’t want to get fooled twice in it, it’ll be shame to him only; After David passed out from the college, he will come to college again for Cultural events, Department Symposium and for her department visit to meet his juniors and staffs, they just hang-out with people in some restaurants etc……
After 3 years later, he completed his Higher Studies and then he went to Dad’s Company and became Managing Director of his dad’s company and his dad retires the company and then his Dad handed-over the company to David to develop in it; One day, David were sleeping on to the bed, and he came down to the hall, David’s mom, dad, Sister all are sitting in the hall, each of them having a pic in it; David went to Bathroom and he refreshed and came to hall and they started conversation.
David: What’s going on here, Mom???
Sister: Mom is selecting the bride girl for you David????
David: What??????
Dad: Yeah, David this is the right time to get married, select any one of the photo.
David: Mom!!!!!
Mom: Hey David, all of your friends are coming here and giving their wedding invitation, I also have to do for my son, See your age its “25”, this is the right time to get married David.
David: At first, I’ve to screw them only, Mom
Mom: Select any one David all bride photos are so beautiful
David: Select anything, Mom
And then David were so vexed and then he went to his room, because one side work progress and other side he didn’t forget Andrea.
On the Next day, David’s friends and their family went to a bride girl home for seeking marriage, and although he didn’t see the girl photo itself, they reached the bride’s girl home in 1hr of drive, David drove the car; The bride girl parents were greeted David and their family very politely, and they gave some snack and coffee in it, Then David’s dad asked the Bride’s father to bring the girl, and they called the bride, David’s friend and David were so surprised, Who is the bride girl?????????????; It’s none-other than Andrea, and Andrea requested her father want to talk to him, Andrea’s father requested David to talk to her, both of them went to Balcony, and the conversation were started
Andrea: Hi David
David: Hi Andrea, What a surprise I didn’t expect this, I thought you got married and you got settled, but you didn’t why????
Andrea: I didn’t have any interest on marriages, family pressure so that only I accept it, By the way you didn’t see my photo????
David: No Andrea, I’m extremely sorry I were so busy on work have to send a machine to a company, so that I asked mom to select the pic and finally she selected you
Andrea: Ok David, I’m sorry for all the wrong I done to you; Will you marry me????
David: Of course, my Dimple Queen
After that, both of them were came down happily, both of them were liked and loved each other, and they were happily married.
I know what you’re asking for “Why Andrea blocked David and why she talked bad about him?????” and “What happened to Michael????”
Here’s the reason: Since Andrea and Michael were friends since she was on 1st year, she doesn’t have more conversation with Michael than David, One day Michael met Andrea and they talked about David’s topic with her, she told about him happily with kindness, Michael were became so selfish and he told to Andrea that “David is a flirt person, he doesn’t help you, he’s always chatting with girls, he won’t share anything to anyone, very silent person, you get so boring easily” he said, Andrea doesn’t accept what Michael said, and then he told that “You just leave him for 2 days don’t message him, if he messages you he is a flirt, if it’s not leave it, Andrea accepted it, on the night David pinged Andrea “Had dinner???” she saw the message but she didn’t reply, David thought that might she have dinner right now, she’ll reply let’s see he thought; On the Next day, David pinged her “Good Morning”, she saw the message and she confirms that he is a Flirt person, we should not talk to him, so that she blocked her, and David were felt so heart-broken, Andrea texted Michael that “Yes, Michael he is a flirt person, I’m sorry for the misjudging you”; After that, David started to ping her on normal messaging, to know the reason of getting blocked, he sent 5-6 messages to her via Normal messaging, the message were delivered and received, she saw the text and she were became so tensed, and she texted Michael that “David always sending sorry messages to me, but he didn’t do anything, what can I do Michael???” he replied that “Just block his number on contact list too, he won’t ping you” to her, she also blocked his number on her contact list too…., so this is the reason why Andrea given fake reason to avoid David.
The another reason: About Michael marriage and his life;
After he finished his college, he gone for placement and he got placed in a core company, he didn’t have much contact with Andrea, One Day Michael fate were gone upside-down, What is it???????????????; Michael was a manager of that core company; After few weeks, Michael working company were on a loss like company closing stage, so Michael have to deal with other person to make over it, Michael found a rich person, who he is ready to give the money to bring back up the company and the labours, but he made up an one condition;
The Rich man asked to marry his daughter who she is black and fat, wearing some spectacles in it, Michael were dusky and handsome face cut, at first he were refused to marry her, the rich man told if you want my money, you’ve to marry my daughter, Michael needs the company to back in life, so that he accepted to marry her and he were got married, the company came back to life.
On the day of Michael’s marriage, he invited everyone to come for the marriage, All of them were came and also David-Andrea also came with 2 cute children, everyone on the marriage hall were so mesmerised that both of them were so cute and lovable couple, All of the David’s classmates came to David and they started to introduce him to their family members, and then David also introduced his family and to her friends, and then both of them were loved and happily cared each other.

“True Love is about growing as a couple.
Learning about each other,
And never giving up on each other”


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