By Kimberely & Brandon

I worked as a photographer for a company contracted in Florida who owned various restaurants. One night, I was sent to greet the guests coming in the restaurant before they were seated. I had just worked at another location and I was extremely tired. It was a couple of days before my 22nd birthday and my co-workers were planning a party.

As they were giving me the details of the agenda, a gentleman who was a seater at the restaurant caught me yawning and came up to me and said, ” you really shouldn’t do that, it hides your wonderful smile.” When I heard him say that I melted.

After my shift was over and I was walking out of the area, I was talking to my boss and he came up behind me and threw his arms around me and jokingly told her that I was dating him. I thought that was so cute and the funny thing was is I didn’t even know his name. As Iturned to leave, I handed him my cell phone number and left.

I didn’t hear from him for 2 days. I had given up all hope and thought that it was another “dud”. But he was the only thing that was on my mind for the next couple of days.

At my “surprise” birthday party, he popped up and gave me a big hug and then asked me to date him. Of course I said yes and we found out that we had so much in common. It was like I was Cinderella and he was Prince Charming. ( I know, as sappy as it sounds , it’s really true!)

After a few months of dating, he and I moved in together and he asked me to marry him! We still haven’t set the date but everytime I’m with him, it’s truely like living a true fairy tale!

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