Reality Romance: MY ONLINE LOVE | Gbamlog

By unknown

One September morning I sat down in front of my computer and there was an instant message on my screen. The gentleman left me a message after he realized that I had stepped away from my computer. He told me a little about himself and asked if I could do the same by sending him an email. I didn’t respond, no reason in particular.

The very next day around the same time he instant message me again. Once again I was not there in front of my computer. He told me that he saw me in a chat room a few nights ago but couldn’t get nerves up to speak to me. He said it was my profile that intrigued him. But by the time he made up his mind to speak to me, I left.

This time I did respond to him. I never told him my name but I did thank him for all his kind words. Later that day he caught me online and we chatted. I learned that he was in the military due to retire in three months. Over the next few weeks we communicated with each other via emails, online chats and phone calls. The second day that I had spoke with him, I knew he was special.

Within a month we fell madly in love with each other. He had planned to come see me when he retired, there was talk of him relocating to the state where I lived.

Then one night he told me that his stay in the military had been extended and he was told his unit will be sent to Iraq. Neither one of us could believe this. He told me that if I wanted to end our relationship, as strange as it would sound, he would understand. He thought it was unfair of him to ask me to wait only God knows how long. But because of the love I had in my heart for this man, I stayed.

Hear we are, eight months later still seperated by distance, but more in love with each than we ever thought possible. The way things look, we may not see each other for months to come. But every day that passes is one closer we are to being together. We plan to marry once all this is over. This man has became a part of me, he completes me in every way possible. We both were afraid in the beginning because of previous realationships. Neither one of us was willing to risk the heartache. But we could not stop what was there…Love.

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