Kudos to my ancestors
Who had imbibed severity
Into my very personality.
Thus, with exceeding alacrity
I exercise my authority
Over all constituted sovereignty.

Only with a temporal appearance
On their sickly abuttal,
I showed humans their faces
In the leveler mirror.
By the might of my hands,
I pricked their puffed esteem.

I am a one man terrorist,
Daily updating my list.
Though I am not the giver of life,
I am a greedy taker.
I busy them with the rising figures
While I ravage their sickly figures.

Their glory shrink in fear
For my scorching scourge.
They try every measure
Yet they live under pressure.
I make their treasures worthless;
And their esteem worthless.

I have won my place
In the pantheon of the deadly.
I suck them dry
And cry the winning cry
Day after day
They are left with the killing cry.

Howbeit, I concede that I am as
A wild dog taken on a walk;
So I devour whatever comes my path
Knowing full well that
The offer is amply valid
Only while the stock lasts.

One thought on ““A KILLER’S SPEECH “by OBISANWO, Oladipupo.”

  1. Thus is very nice
    I like the part where you said you are a wild dog that devours whatever comes your way
    It shows fearlessness


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