“The Second Beginning” by Providence Wright

I will arise in the morning of my youth
And sing many a Melody to you.
I will begulie the bird, trees, and seas
And they will all agree with me.

We will mount the fastest animals
If thou will open up thy door for me.
The Cheetahs, Lions, Jaguars and Tigers
Will surround us as a mighty protection.

The Snails, Tortoises, Seals and Millipedes
Will catch up with us when they can. The dragons, dinosaurs and sabertooths
Will arise from their slothful bones.

The rains approach and the Brimstones fall.
Sodom and Gomorrah will soon burn.
All except Noah will soon drown, Egypt and Jericho, not an exception.

We will ride back to Eden
With all sinless creatures,
We will reunite with God,
We will begin life again.

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