Comments on A Time to Kill and Sycamore Row: John Grisham.

Chiedozie Ude

I missed yesterday, so I will just forge on with today. Consider this as free writing and not a review. No thematic analysis. No structural criticism. Just random thoughts. Pardon my lack of suspense; it bores me sometimes. Then again, I am always bored. Permit my ramblings or train of excuses; so, here goes nothing:

John Grisham is an author that influenced me a lot during my mid-teens. Because of him, I wanted to study law. I found myself falling in love with litigation; I wanted to be a hotshot lawyer who would champion the cause of the downtrodden masses. One reason behind my decision to consider dabbling into law was that his protagonist, Jake Brigance, was surreal. Jake Brigance was capable of kicking ass!

In A TIME TO KILL, Jake successfully defends a black man who killed the men that raped his daughter. In the next book, SYCAMORE ROW, Jake defends a black woman whose late employer will all his property. The point here is that Jake was always able to beat the odds.

However, the way the underdog lawyers win in his books is sadly a misrepresentation of the society. The little guy hardly wins in real life. Consequently, we may say that Grisham is too much of an idealist. The paints pictures of how he thinks the world ought to be, especially in terms of justice.

Also significant to mention is that these two books graphically show how racist the USA society can be. Thus, we can mention racism as a predominant theme.

There are a lot of things to discuss in this book. Perhaps, we can have this discussion some other time. 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃.

Lol. Expect me to edit this piece once I’m sober.

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