“No longer a child” by Providence Wright

Childhood is freedom
It is peace
It’s a world of no worries
Just expectations and laughter

The tears dropped from the eye of the child tastes like salt
A sweetness derived only from it
His bulging belly, true sign of carefreeness

Many more years later…

Why was I created?
Asked the child; no longer a child
I didn’t beg for it
Or even if
I would have loved to stay young

I cry endlessly
My sufferings are incessant
I toil and my tears are no longer sweet
My paunch has disappeared

I want to die
This place has nothing to offer
Just lies when growing
And defeat when grown;
I want my youthfulness back!

Adulthood is bondage
I’m afraid to say
The only peacefulness in it is more and more worries
All expectations gloomy
Darkness has its stand

I have no choice but to live
In this death I was born into
I’m no longer a child
All wishful thinking should die
I’m no longer a child
I’ll exist forever in the world of men.

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