“Believe Me” by Obisanwo Oladipupo

I am not the I AM
Howbeit, I am who I am;
I am neither a prophet,
Nor one who declareth
But believe me.

Though you search for honesty
In a world full of travesty;
You search for amnesty;
In a world full of nemesis;
You will find what your heart seeks.
Believe me.

Though sickness forever ravages;
Poverty runs through the ages;
Though adults defile underages;
Sanity shall flood all places;
Believe me.

Though disorder be the order;
And sapiens detest one another;
Though hunger seems forever;
Peace shall outgrow it’s border
Believe me.

Though the world be upside down;
The souls of men weary and down;
Sorrow as an overwhelming gown;
Joy shall lifts it’s crown.
Believe me.

Believe me!
Believe me!!
Believe me!!!

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