“A little Giant 2” by Providence Wright

How I wish I could enter the mind of a mosquito,
To know what it knows
And see what it sees

How on Earth does it know
That its buzzing in the ear of man
Causes discomfort?
How does it see even in the darkest of nights?

Its nature is nocturnal, I agree
Is that why it has mastered every nook and cranny of my house?
They always come in battalions; their Commander,
Releasing them in batches,
So, when the anti mosquito substances come
Whether in liquid, solid or air
They all don’t die at once.

Where on Earth did this creature get such wisdom!?

So little it is, yet causes so much pain with its ferocious bites; you know,
If its bites were inconsequential like that of Paul’s experience at Melita, how sweet it would have been.
But its infusion and theft causes swelling when itched
And discomfort all round.

Oh! Thou female specie
The worst of them all,
Spreading her virus into man without care.
How I hate her essence!
Many have died; innocent children who couldn’t be shielded from your cruelty.

I understand you have to do this to survive
And you have,
As you are the most successful insect on Earth
Man’s numerous attempts to bring you down has failed.

You wicked thing!
You pride in our fall,
Nonetheless, I believe that Africa will conquer you someday!

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