My Nightmare, My Loopholes 2. By Alim Barakat

Part Two.

‘The most fortunate thing about his encounter is that; his wife is dead and his son his not here in Nigeria but would come home soon, and his son has been pestering him to bring a wife home.’
‘Eeeh! Rachael, the researcher how you take know all these? The person wey you just meet yesterday.’
‘He told me na. He told me everything.’
‘Ehn ehn, did he say he would marry you?’
‘Haha, you too dey jump. He just said we should be friends for now. But if he should propose marriage my dear, my living here is numbered.’
‘Hmmm, Rachael, you asked for it and God don give you. I dey happy for you ooo . How you kon take meet?’
‘Na my Obi work ooo. Infact we met in a conflict. He is so polite and humble. Did I forget to tell you that he is handsome and rich too.’
‘What is his age?’
‘I know noooo. But as I dey look am, im no fit pass 40-45
‘That one no too bad I dey happy for you.’
‘Thank you dear. Just wish me well.’
‘I’ve always wished you dear.’ She said hugging me tightly.
‘I hope say you remember say Andrew dey come tomorrow.’
‘Hmmm na true, i go ask am which time he go kon visit me.’ ******************************************************************************

‘Hey sweet! Good evening.’
‘Evening. Welcome.’ I said jumping up from my sitting posture shockingly and rubbing my two palms sheepishly, looking straight at him; the part of his body my eyes met was his stomach. He was very tall.
‘Can I come in?’
‘What were you doing outside?’
‘Awaiting your presence.’
‘Oh ! Really. I’m here.’
‘Welcome. What should I offer you?’
‘Water, chilled.
‘Are you sure?’
‘Yeah. Sure.’
I dashed in to my kitchen to get him water. I entered rubbing my body lustfully. Ha! this guy is so handsome and well built, I thought. Oh! His good looks and firm voice was delivering message to my instinct. I dashed out to serve him the water.
‘Here it is.’
‘Thanks. So how have you been? I hope you’ve been good. I bought some things for you. I hope you will like it.’ I clutched my heart firmly. Don’t ask me whether from falling maybe from dripping, I can’t fathom. I popped my eyes into the bag thrusted forward.
‘Wow! I exclaimed!’ A two beautiful and rare gowns, two bags and two pairs of shoes to match, two bloater hats and sets of jewelries.
‘Thank you so much. I love it! And I’m very grateful. Thanks so much.’ I said blushing.
‘I’m glad you love it. You see, I love you very much and I would do anything to make you happy.’
‘Hmmm, I see. What were you doing in the States?’
‘I’ve just completed my bachelors. So, I’m here to read further and manage my father’s company.
‘Wow! That’s really good. I never thought you’d be as serious as this. I must say.
‘Really? Why do you think so?’
‘Your pictures, the way you chat, your status updates and stuffs.’
‘Hahahaha. I also never thought you’d be as beautiful as this.’ He said running his fingers on my nose bone.
‘You ain’t photogenic. You look more beautiful looking at you physically, than in pictures. And i’m loving you more for that. He said moving closer to me. I didn’t try hard to stop the quick moves and the interlocking lips. The firm hands that ran from my shoulder down to my back, to my hands, my waist, to my breasts and then, to my butt. The motion was unstoppable, it laid down my back, flared up my skirt, shifted my pants and then, another organ was doing the job. I moaned and tweeted like the kowee bird.
‘Mehn! You are sweet! He said tucking in his prick and zipping up. He bent down and held my shoulder firmly, saying; ‘Trust me I love you and I won’t leave you.’ I nodded.

'Get me a glass of wine too.' 'Okay daddy.' 'Ehen Ehen, less I forget. You know you've been pestering me about getting married to another wife. I've finally find one.' 'Wow! Really? That's fantastic! Fantastic mehn!' 'Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So she would be coming to visit us next tomorrow.' 'Wow! So fast! That's nice. I've got a girlfriend and I would like to introduce her to you.' 'Good. But I hope it is not a white lady that you are planning to marry.' 'Haha! No daddy. She isn't white. You would like her when you see her. I would tell her to also come next tomorrow. So it gonna be a house of merriment.' 'Wow! So fast? That's good. But don't loose focus. You know you are the one heading my company soon.' 'Dad! It is a two different issue; my love life and my career. 'Alright. So let's await Friday then.' 'Yah daddy!'

'Tell me more, baby girl!' Blessing exclaimed. 'Have you really thought about this issue?' 'Of course! I'm getting married to him and nothing is going to stop me and it is not as if I have another man anywhere.' 'What of Andrew? Have you forgotten his promise and assertions?

‘Abeg! Abeg! Stop am! I no like am. How many times have I told you that Andrew is not my type? He is too small for me.
‘He is too small for you. You know you will have nothing to do with him yet you can’t tell him to his face. You keep collecting gifts and money from him. Stop deceiving him. He thinks you love him.’
‘When did you become holy Mary’s cousin? Abeg! Shey Andrew no dey lick my plate? I ask you! Answer me! He is sleeping with me and i’m getting something in return. How is that a big deal? Shey Mr Ade no dey dig you too? Emeka too dey dig you. Why you kon dey form holy Mary?
‘I’m better than you dear. Mr Ade knows I can’t marry him. I’m not like you who keep putting the heads of two bulls in a clay pot. I’m different from you dear.’
‘Na you sabi! That one no even be the thing wey bring me come here.’
‘Wetin bring you? So, e don be say if you no get matter now, you can’t come to visit me.
‘You like taking things too far. The issue be say Andrew and Mr Davies are inviting me to their houses on the same day. Andrew want me to meet his father and Mr Davies wants me to meet his son.
‘How is that a big deal? You are getting married to Mr Davies accept his invitation!’

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