My Nightmare, my Loopholes 3: by Alim Barakat

Part Three.
‘No now, Ha! What would I tell Andrew?’
‘Why can’t you just let this boy go and stop deceiving him?
‘If you can’t advice me on what to do, no probs then.
‘I would honour Mr Davies invitation first and then, Andrew later.’
‘Please yourself. It is your matter.’
‘Na you sabi.’

'Dad what time did you say your fiancee will come?' 'Around 12' o clock. And yours?' 'She is coming in the evening. I tried to persuade her to come but she insisted. I don't want to do things against her wish, I really love her. 'But you should've been able to convince her and win. She is your to-be wife you know? Or haven't you talk to her about marriage?' 'Not really. We ain't in an hurry. But I have made her understand that this relationship will end well and marriage might happen.' 'Okay, good. As a husband, you must learn how to persuade your counter part.

My lady should arrive soon. Help me check what Laide is cooking.
Moments later…………………………….

'Knock. Knock. Knock.' 'Come in.' I came in. Appearing in the perfect outfit for such thrilling invitation, I shashayed into the room and hugged my fiance. He pecked me on my lips and rubbed me lightly. 'Good afternoon honey.' I said through my nose. 'Afternoon dear. Welcome to my humble abode.' He said, bending a little. ' Very beautiful.' I complimented.' 'Thanks. Let me introduce you to my son. Andrew! Andrew! Andrew! 'Sir.' he said approaching.

'My wife is.............' 'Oh blessing! What a surprise. He rushed at the dumbfounded me and pecked me. He was too excited to notice me and his father's facial expression. 'You didn't tell me you were coming this early. Thank you so much.....' 'Wait! Wait! Wait! What is happening? Andrew! This is my to-be wife that I have been telling you about.' 'What? Shit! Racheal! Will you speak?' 'Eerrrm, Eeerrm.' 'Ouch! Fuck mehn! So you are a tart? You are dating my father and I. 'Raaacheeel, Raaacheeeal. I never knew you were such an immoral girl. I thought you claimed you were pregnant? 'Yes. I'm. It is for you. I swear. I swear. I didn't know he is your son. I was only playing tricks on him.' 'Shut up! So you've been playing tricks on me, right? You've been sleeping with my father too. Who knows who else that is sleeping with you? Before you ruin our family. Please get out! Out! I say out!' I ran out, terrified. Unfortunately for me, rain had started falling. I wept. Clasping my hands together on my head in regret..........

'Racheal! Racheal! Which kain yeye sleep be this? 'Hnmmmm, hnmmm, uhnmmmmm. Ha! So it was a dream?' I woke up gasping for breath. 'Welcome Miss Josephine. Are you panting this heavily because of an ordinary dream? Shey person thief yah money for your dream ni or na masquerade dey chase you?' 'Blessing, you won't understand. It is more terrible than that.' 'Really? Narrate am make I hear.' 'I dreamt that I met............' My Nightmares, My Loopholes..

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