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Little Girl Cries Because She is Having a Baby Sister: Watch this Cute Video.


Mr Jollof Pictured With Success, The Warri Schoolgirl, Settles Her School Fees

Little success warri girl that has gone viral because of she was sent home due to her unpaid school fees, rant with sharp pidgin in sapele warri
Though Ay Comedian and other nigerians have decide to sponsor the little girl education but Popular comedian was the first to reach the little girl and her mother. They were pictured together having fun.
Her schools fees was already settled by mr jollof and she will be resuming to one of the best school in Sapele next term with all the fees already paid.


A video has emerged showing how a truck driver was rewarded for his bravery in the face of intimidation by the police and some soldiers after his tyre was shot by a military officer.

The incident reportedly happened on Thursday at the border town between Benue and Nsukka, Enugu.

A soldier had shot the tyre of a petrol tanker because the driver wouldn’t give him bribe.

However, the driver angrily steered his tanker across the road and blocked other road users.

In solidarity, the victim’s friends also drove up with their trailers and blocked the entire road, stopping all movements in or out of Enugu.

The driver then went ahead to demand for N120k for his damaged tyre. Soon, an array of policemen arrived to intimidate him, but he stood his ground.

Eventually, the driver reduced his demand to N100k after so much pleading and the soldier made a bank transfer to him.

Ben Bruce’s Stance on Yorubas Hating Igbos

The lawmaker representing Bayelsa East in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Ben Murray Bruce has reacted to the call by some Yorubas in Lagos for the Igbo to leave the State.

Following the recently-concluded presidential polls, crisis soon ensued in Lagos as some Yorubas demanded that Igbo traders vacate the state for voting against their preferred candidate.

National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu has also been accused of having a hand in the segregation against Ndigbo.

In a reaction on Monday, Bruce urged Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from that of the entire Yoruba.He tweeted, “I urge Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from the behaviour of the Yoruba. Look at the results of the Presidential elections.“The Yoruba voted almost 50% for an Igbo VP. The Yoruba don’t hate the Igbos or anybody. No ethnicity is as accommodating as the Yoruba.”

In a reaction on Monday, Bruce urged Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from that of the entire Yoruba.He tweeted, “I urge Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from the behaviour of the Yoruba. Look at the results of the Presidential elections.“The Yoruba voted almost 50% for an Igbo VP. The Yoruba don’t hate the Igbos or anybody. No ethnicity is as accommodating as the Yoruba.”
In a reaction on Monday, Bruce urged Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from that of the entire Yoruba.He tweeted, “I urge Nigerians to separate the behaviour of a few people from the behaviour of the Yoruba. Look at the results of the Presidential elections.“The Yoruba voted almost 50% for an Igbo VP. The Yoruba don’t hate the Igbos or anybody. No ethnicity is as accommodating as the Yoruba.”

THE WEB episode 2


“Orobo! Where is that elephant? When it is time to work, you won’t find her ooo but when time to eat comes, boom! She’ll appear from nowhere! Titi!” Vanessa shouted from the kitchen.

Titi who had been busy with her homework heard her step mother call her name. She quickly sprang up from the floor, she didn’t want trouble this evening.

“So you want to turn me into a mad dog that will be shouting all over the house abi? Is it now that I called you?” Vanessa shouted as Titi entered the kitchen. Titi stood by the door with her arms folded behind her.
She shook her head.

“How many times have I asked you to stop answering my questions by shaking your head like agama lizard, you this elephant? Is your mouth for decoration? Don’t let me deal with you in this house ooo!” she threatened.

“Sorry ma.” Titi apologized.

“Sorry for yourself! Come and pound this pepper joor! Lazy thing! All you know how to do is eat!” she said and turned to check the food on fire.

Titi bent down and started pounding the pepper. Her mind went to Mr. Kachi.

“He would never treat me like this. He calls me a princess.” She thought as she pounded the pepper.
Sandra briefed Amaka of all that had happened in her life during the past 16 years they were separated. She told her about her 3 years marriage that was yet to produce a child, she had had four miscarriages. She told the sad tale of how she met her husband after his first wife died. She died barely a year after they got married, she was pregnant when she died. Her husband had refused to go into details about her death. He claimed that he was trying to put his past behind him. During the first year of their marriage, he had been sweet and nice to her but when years passed and the miscarriages increased with no child, he changed. He became something she couldn’t describe.

“Enough of the sad part before you think my life is tragic. I work at a bank as the MD. So, at least, one area of my life seems to be doing well” Sandra said and sipped some juice.

“Wow! It seems my life has not been the only one full of drama.” Amaka said, smiling.

“So, spit it out! Tell me what you’ve been up to all these years!” Sandra said excitedly. It felt good to have a friend again. She had missed having someone to talk to.
As Kachi entered his car, he thought of where to head to. He didn’t want to go home to see that his barren wife. Just looking at her made him very angry. The barren thing! He drove around for some minutes before making up his mind to visit one of his girlfriends, Quintia. He couldn’t wait for his wife’s leave to end.

“I miss those days that I would only see her at night, but now….” He sighed.

Quintia welcomed him just as he had expected. He had always been lucky with women right from university days.

“I was planning to call you to come today but you came on your own” Quintia said giggling. She was playing with her fingers.

“Hmmm……it looks like somebody missed me a lot. Well, I missed somebody a lot too.” He said pecking her forehead. Quintia withdrew shyly from him. This was one of the things that attracted him to her, she was always shy. He had always had a thing for shy, insecure girls, that’s one of the reasons he couldn’t understand why he ended up getting married to an extrovert. Maybe she charmed him. So, she was not just barren, she is a witch too! Quintia said something that he didn’t quite catch because of his thoughts.

“Please, come again darling. I didn’t hear what you said.” He said, playing with her hair.

“I have news for you.” she said. “I’m not sure if you will like it.” she said timidly.

Kachi felt his body tense.

“News? What is it?” he asked nervously.
Funmi tried to pull her mother from Deji. Shebi she warned him to go home but he refused, now see how her mother was embarrassing both of them on the street. She grabbed one of her Iya Funmi’s hands, Iya Funmi used her free hand to give her a backhand slap. Funmi fell to the floor and refused to get up. Wooooo! Let Deji face his wahala alone! She cannot suffer for what she warned him about.

Iya Funmi dragged Deji’s cloth as she jumped and down. Deji kept begging her as tried to free himself from her grip. He yanked her left hand off his cloth. Iya Funmi screamed louder, putting her free hand on her head.

“Egbami oo! (Help me oo!) Deji wants to beat me oo! Deji wants to kill me oo!” she screamed, holding her head in a dramatic fashion. People started gathering around. Deji felt like crying. Who sent him to woo Iya Funmi’s daughter? Which of his village people did this evil to him?

“Oya beat me….beat me!” she screamed and held him tighter.

Written by Chioma Emmanuel

Anticipate episode 3!!


Next episode will be published Next Week Thursday stay tuned.



By Chioma Emmanuel

It broke out today.

“Mum, can I go and see my friend, David?” Angel asked.

Mrs. Nkwocha dropped her bible and looked up at her 16 years old daughter.

“You want to go and see a boy? For what? Is he your boyfriend?”

And the questions came flooding in in torrents. After a long sermon with no concrete message,   Angel retired to her room and called David. Their outing was a sin, so said her mum.

Angel was just about to lay on her bed when her mum barged into her room.

“And what’s that Jezebelic attire you are wearing? I said it! Those your daughters-from-hell friends have started influencing you! I’ve told you that I don’t ever want to see you with them! See what you bought with the money I gave you! Get up, take off that cloth and hand it over! I’m going to burn it!” Mrs. Nkwocha shouted with so much anger. If her eyes could emit fire, she’d have definitely burnt the cloth off Angel’s body.

Angel couldn’t understand what was wrong with the cloth. It looked okay to her but she was still under her mother’s roof.

As she took off the sleeveless gown, she kept humming a tune from the cartoon FROZEN silently: ‘Don’t let them see, don’t let them know,  be the good girl you always have to be….’

Her mother waited behind to watch her pick a gown from her wardrobe of knee-length skirts and floor-sweeping gowns. Mrs. Nkwocha sighted the other clothes that Angel had bought by a corner in the wardrobe.

Calling them all sorts of names, she picked them and left.

Angel picked a flowing brown gown. She hated it. Infact, she despised it. The same way she despised every single cloth in her wardrobe. But she had to wear it.

She had asked her mum several times why she couldn’t dress her mates, why she had to cover her head to pray, why she chased her friends away, why she couldn’t put on makeup even after finishing secondary school, why she was forbidden from smoking.

And all her questions were always answered with one statement, a statement she had come to loathe: “It is a sin”.

Nothing more, nothing less. Every other answer that followed was just hot air.

It was like her mum thought that single statement should clear all her doubts and make her embrace her beliefs but no, it didn’t! It couldn’t! Because that wasn’t an answer!

It didn’t clear an ounce of doubt. Rather, Angel had ten or twelve more questions to ask. But her mum wasn’t having that. You don’t ask questions, you just believe! That’s what her mum told a curious and confused teenager!

When she got admission that year, Angel was unusually happy. Everyone thought it was the euphoria of being an undergraduate. Only Angel knew that it was the joy of freedom. Freedom from beliefs she couldn’t understand. Freedom from a religion she was forced into.
Freedom to seek answers to her million and six questions.

She saw freedom and she embraced it. She gave it a good warm kiss.

So today, her first night in Imo state university, Angel sits over a bottle of beer, a stick of cigarette in her right hand as the guy sitting beside her admires the flesh on her thighs which her bum shorts reveal.

“One more bottle, please!” She shouts, determined to get drunk.

The dark side has broken out.

Who let it loose?

Me: Unanswered questions!


Dear Christian parents,
You tell her not to have a boyfriend but you don’t explain why. You buy her decent dresses and she wears them to please you, not because she believes in it. You don’t feel she deserves an explanation. “Children must follow their parents footsteps!” You keep shouting, forgetting that times have changed. If you don’t start explaining the ‘WHY’ behind your instructions, your innocent looking daughter will go to the university wearing ball gowns and come back home tying towel as cloth!

Did I just hear you say God forbid?

You can forbid it hundred times and it will still happen unless you stop blowing hot air and start giving some real explanations!

Answer all her ‘silly, useless, demon-possessed’ questions. Don’t make her join the league of Good-Girls-Gone-Bad. Save a Christian girl today.

Too many unanswered questions could prove fatal. You might just wake up and find out you’ve been living with a stranger.

Answer those questions today!!!

                                       From a concerned youth.

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“And he shouted at the gate man like he was his God. You should have seen how he puffed out his chest as he barked out orders. Chaii! I really pitied the poor man. He just walked quietly and opened the gate. I even saw him crying but our wicked oga did not even mind him. He just squeezed his face like someone that ate bitterleaf and drove off. I’m sure that he was cursing the poor old man as he drove away. Chaii! God punish poverty!” Favour gesticulated as she narrated to Kemi, the children’s nanny what had happened in the house while she was away. She put her hands akimbo in typical gossip fashion.

“Liar, liar, why are you lying?” Tochi sang for Favour.

“You this girl, you like lying ooo. Don’t mind her, Kemi. Oga was only a little upset this morning and he shouted at Mr. Osas to open the gate faster. He even told me not to drive him today. That’s why I’m at here sef. That’s all oo. All this maggi and salt that she added were cooked up in her head. That’s how she said madam threatened to kill her simply because she told her that she will slap her and she would see her grandmother. ” Tochi narrated and eyed Favour.

“Is it not the same thing? How will i see my grandmother if I’m not dead? That woman wants to kill me joor. Do you know I even saw her in my dream last night pursuing me?” She replied twisting her mouth round like she always does when she gossips.


A lot of people are guilty of Favour’s offence. When they want to narrate a true life event, they don’t tell it like it happened. They infuse events that never happened and blow things out of proportion to make it more interesting. This is commonly referred to as adding salt and pepper. But I beg to differ. It is not just spicing up a story, it is lying. Those extra details that you add are the lies that add spice.

The only time exaggeration is allowed is when writing fiction. That’s when it’s called hyperbole.